new foam ?

I was just reading about Surfblanks Australia new foam that they claim has twice the compression strength of any other foam in the world . is this foam available in the US ?

Yes.  It will be available the day you order a container full,

My local shop here in Daytona beach got a few hundred of their blanks. I’ve used 3 now. The foam is very white and very crisp. Stringer seems a little harder than the us blanks I’m used too. I made one for myself and glassed with 4 oz and I’ve had it out about 8-10 sessions now with only 2 pressure dings. Now I’m using their middle density blank so not sure how the lightweight stuff holds up.

You could always call their US office in Oceanside.

We got a couple of their blanks everyone was stoked on them.

Just wasnt worth switchin from what the guys are using now.


Did you mean Artic Foam or Surfblanks Aus?  They are now two different companies.  I just got an order in of Artic yellow and it is very crisp and very strong.  It is a little harder to shape without tearing (hand shape) but machine cuts fantastic.  If I were hand shaping day in- day out I would go with US Blanks as they are easier on the joints.  I’m not, so I want to give my customers a durable product so half of my stuff is going out with Artic blanks.  Surfblanks Au older formula was really good too, like most Aus foam (Bennett, Burford, etc) and crisper than Clark (now I’m dating myself).  Foam has always come down to what you prefer and wanted to produce as a final product.  The last run of Walker foam was good too in the way that Walker had characteristics that made it take color with Volan cloth like no other foam.  I think that Artic is worth the price for the type of board I make for my customers.  I haven’t done any compression tests or used the new Ultra-white purple from Artic, so couldn’t say how it ranks with the Yellow.  Hope this helps, just my 2c…

I was thinking South Coast. Not Surfblanks… Aussie foam… South Coast is on Roymer right around the corner from Arctic.


Arctics great I love the stuff.


Yep, my bad. I was thinking South Coast foam as well. 

Gentlmen thank you for the info .