New glassing stands

Things take time… but in the end they do happen. i have had this in mind as a project for my new shop for almost one year. Actually, I had bought most all the elements to make those new glassing stands but I didn’t have time to put them together. Besides, i’m no good at welding.

Thanks to Jeremiah who did the welding (I’m making him a board in exchange), the thing has finally taken shape, and what’s more, it does work…

Here are some photos; Of course, some minor details have to be worked out (protections for motor, pump, and so on) and the fitting of a dip tray, but that won’t take much time.

This shows the whole device with a 6’4" blank on it. The stands are mounted on wheels so that I can move it anywhere in the glassing room. Note that the actual blank stands can be mounted inside or outside, thus accomodating a wide range of boards’ lengths. As you can see, a small electric 24V motor (on the lower right side) sets a hydraulic pump in motion (long rectangular piece of aluminum to its left). This in turn activates the hydraulic column (vertical aluminum part in the middle), allowing the stands to go up or down to the desired height.

This is the electric part. From left to right: power transformer (220V-24V), settings device (used to program desired heights) and the foot pedal that activates the motor up or down.

Here is another view with a 11’3" blank on it. the thing can accomodate less than 5’ blanks up to the biggest I use (12’3")

Coming back soon with more… Hold on…

OK, now, let’s press the pedal:

And let’s see what happens… Oh no!!! I can’t believe it:

This shows the column in its upper position:

As you can imagine, this is going to make things a lot easier: now I can work the bottom of the board (or the top) with the thing in low position, then press the pedal and have the blank at eyes level in order to confortably lap the rails… How do you like it?

Balsa…as always…FANTASTIC!!!


that thing is bitchin. pretty genius to have it raise and lower like that. i hate having to bend over and look at what im doing.

are you going to paint it?

Todd, thank you very much.

Yamaha, yes, it’s gonna be finished with chrome-like paint.


well almost, you need some tesla coils in the background.

very cool balsa and tech too. i likey very much

That looks awesome! Only thing I can see is that it looks like the square stock under the tail of the 6’4" might be in the way when you are glassing shorter boards. If so maybe you could cut it vertically just behind the weld and put a hinge on the bottom, so that it just drops down out of the way when you don’t need it?

Or maybe it’s just the angle of the photo and it really isn’t in the way at all. Either way, the whole setup is nice! If you use UV resin you could roll the board out into the sunlight to kick it.

Greg Loehr is gonna love this!

Nice work, balsa…

Keith, you’re partly right, but the blank stands will be padded with some foam, making the blank stand higher. So I hope it won’t be too much of a problem. But your solution with the hinge is just great, I really didn’t think of it. Thanks.


Because GL has had 6’ tall ‘‘lap racks’’ in his place for years. You took it one better by doing the ‘‘jack-up’’ motorized version.

Because GL has had 6’ tall ‘‘lap racks’’ in his place for years. You took it one better by doing the ‘‘jack-up’’ motorized version.

Sorry for the double post. I swear I only clicked once.

This is cool. I’ll be a bit more expensive than my lap racks though. But also way more efficient.

thats a bad ass set up balsa,where did you get the electornics for it?

Everything comes from here:

Except the iron frame, of course.

My friend Stéphane shot a short video this morning with the thing in motion and I pretended I was glassing a blank. Here it is:

Sorry for the “phone-quality” of the pictures…

Nice work (and acting).
Hook this man up with some “inventive” props

Hey Balsa,

This is awesome. I remember someone(cleanlines?) telling me about someone who mounted their rack to a barber stool that was foot pumped to raise up. Rub those legs and feet with car wax before glassing so your resin wont stick! Good work.