New guy here- Skill 100 Planer - need the shoe stud 10608 measurements

Hi there and thanks for looking.
I’m not a surfboard maker but I am wanting to use a Skill 100 long plane that is missing the 10608 “stud” that locates the shoe with the indexing clicker. If someone has one for sale or can provide detailed measurements I could machine my own. There’s no ID tag on mine, I’m also curious what amp it’s rated. Any help appreciated.

Additional photo:

The set screw is a 1/4-20 UNC thread if that helps.

Florian Saylor


I got a 1/4-20 set screw, chucked it in a drill press, and filed it down until it fit.

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Thank you, I can get a rough dimension from your photo based on the thread profile!

Thanks to Jack and Florian I was able to create the part and it works perfectly! Much appreciated!

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