New Idea Questions

Hi All,

Will be doing interviews with Dane Peterson and Tyler Hatzikian in the coming weeks so if you would like to ask them a question email it to

No More questions on “What actually happened to Yellow”


okay ,

question two , then …

do they wear undies / jocks ?

…if so , the papers want to know ,

" what brand ? "

hanes ?

speedos ?


“chesty bonds” , perhaps ?


i just realised , with my signature and all…

NO photos please of this one ! [at least , I don’t want to see them …]

cheers mate !


A pertinent question there Chip, particularly as Yellow Jock Straps are proven to reduce fertility in Noseriders.

My question for Dane is: “How fast do you go at top speed ?”


or how about …

“when you are speeding in your yellow jockstrap while riding on your nose , do you get arrested often ?”

…well s**t, who NEEDS serious interview questions , anyway ?

roy and hg , aliG , norman gunston , spike milligan …PLENTY of people made whole careers (if not lives !) , out of being buffoons … you’re reading one now …yeehaaa !

ben toutashape

hi simon, i will take your question seriously.

how about asking them what they think of the commersialization of thier particular niche in surfing?

do they think that diversification of surfing(or surfboards that are cool)?

is it a savior for board factorys who dont have a top 44 surfer on thier pay or a godsend for the average joe who cant connect 3 turns on a wafer thin white chip?

do they actually get a salary they can live of from a board manufacturer or are they recieving endorsements from multi million dollar commercial clothing companys?

would they be doing what they are now if they were just recieving endorsements from thier board maker?

do they think there is anything new (i mean absolutly never done before) coming in surfboard design or will it keep going in circles?

Personally, I don’t care where the guy gets his money. For me, that’s a personal matter. I don’t want people asking me how/where I make my money. If they’re lucky enough to make a living at something they’re good at and have fun doing, God bless 'em.

What I want to know is who their big influences were/are today… Where do they get their inspiration? What drives their changes in board design? What other art forms do they do or admire?

As I asked folks, please please please email in the questions OK, thats the only way for me to sort through them and put a series of questions together.