New Invention?

I was watching a video clip of guys tow-surfing. I noticed that a few of the surfers were wearing life-vests. I started to think about how hard and possibly dangerous it would be to surf with a bouyant life-vest around your neck. After thinking about the consequences of wearing a life-vest, I began wondering if it would be possible to construct a wetsuit with a collapsed bladder built into the chest/back/shoulder area. The deflated bladder would allow for freedom of movement and not restrict the ability to dive under a wave. You could have tiny CO-2 canisters connected to the bladder that could be inflated when you run into trouble in deep water. Kinda like an underwater parachute. Perhaps it could be used by surf-rescue? Beginners? Kids? Does this sound stupid? Would it even work?

Great idea - it’s already out there though. Available for boaters and divers - would work for surfers too I assume.