New Movie

I dont know if you guys have had the release of Jack McCoy’s new movie about Andy and Rasta. My brother went and saw it last night, (I dont bother with the media bullshit of movies and magazines anymore)I asked him what he thought of it (I was interested because I had heard that they where going to do the movie based on contest surfing verses lifestyle surfing) he said that it had some nice footage but they really concentrated on Andy and competition surfing. Thats why I dont bother with the media crap anymore, they just cant help themselves they have to always push that contest surfing is better, I’m not saying that Rasta is better than Andy or anything like that, I am just saying that with the opportunity to bring surfing together as a whole they go and do the marketing crap for the sake of money. They try to make out that its cool to be either a contest surfer or a free surfer but then they push the contest side harder because they think that it will bring more outside money into it. Now I dont know about you guys but I know heaps more surfers that dont do comps and couldn’t give a rats arse about them and that the percentage of contest surfers is way lower than the amount of free surfers so why do these nob headed clothing companies push for contest surfing, would’nt they make more money in pushing it as a lifestyle? or are’nt they smart enough to work out how to do it. Maybe it comes back to surfers dont really need the cosmetic accessories to go surfing and that is what scares them. KR

Hey Ken, Very interesting thought. I know a big name clothing company rep. I’ll ask him what the philosophy is. I know they are making a push back towards the small shop sales. Bottom line though, the clothes companies aren’t after surfers, they are after people that want to be cool “like” surfers. They are pushing the lifestyle there I think. Krokus

This is something that my girl and I were talking about the other day while we were in a big surf shop out here. They were having a sale and people were going nuts, spending hundreds of dollars on these “Surf” clothes. Kids were running around with hats turned sideways, pants falling off their ass, grunged out to no end. I was just laughing because not a one surfer I know, excpet the ones that surf 3 days a year to say they surf, actually fall into this category. If people would actually go to a surf contest or surfing beach/community, hell even open a magazine they would be surprised at the overhwleming amount of straight legged old schooled jeans, button down short sleave shirts and flops. It’s a manufactured look that is really pushed by marketing outside the surfing industry. Surfing is never about clothing, it’s about surfing and those concerned with clothing are what companies focus on. There is a reason there is no markup on boards and a 200% markup on clothes, they reach a larger market. Beach towns have turned into the mega millionaires club with real estate reaching close to to 3/4 of a million dollars for a 3 or 4 bedroom cape and money is to the point of monopoly status. It’s a different industry, hell, it’s just that now, an industry not a lifestyle. As the roxy stickers take over the high school clique circles and rusty sells more hats then the yankess, i’m unable to afford a pair of board shorts which are now reaching into the 50 dollar and up mark. It’s a shame that the life style of which we have all lived in for so long has now become the envogue, but it is what it is. No idea how to even counter act it, but surviving it and affording it is something I also am not sure how to do. I just want to surf and that’s all I’ll do, ripped board shorts and all.

When I started surfing all I had was one board, a bar of parafin, and a pair of cut-offs with a rusted zipper.

I don’t (read: can’t afford to) shop for the clothes put out by surf companies. $60 for a pair of jeans? Same for a hooded sweatshirt? The only piece of clothing I see that’s worth the price are Ugg’s (damn they’re comfy!), though they’re not very practical (easy to ruin). Give me jeans that fit, boardshorts that’ll hold up (I don’t care who makes 'em), any t-shirt and a hoodie for those cold dawn patrols…and WaWa coffee…mmmmmmm…