new multi-fin base box?

anyone know about these?

CMP has been using them and they take both FCS and future based fins with out any inserts or modifications.

could be a god send for some board types and with all the FCS and future fins in circulation

most of the other boxes require an insert to support FCS tabs.

probox are still one of the simplest as are fusions i still like the under glass install idea behind lokbox, futures and ofishl’s


but from what i hear these new boxes are starting to turn up more in Hawaii

Are you talking about 4-Way Fin System?  I haven't tried them, but I've been wanting to.  Search the archives for 4WFS.  They post here from time to time.

Surfinz F3

Post about distribution in CA:


I recently emailed the guy about where to buy, but got no response. I wonder if they use the Futures jig. 

If you find anything, post it here. I would love to try these. 

Atlantic Surfing Materials has been selling that box for a few years. Very similar to Future, but not the same jig (flange is shaped different, for one thing).

Is that the box you're talking about, oneula?

looks like it

hard to find info on them though

Thanks for the tip, Mike. I found out that Fins Unltd has them over here on the West coast. They take the Futures jig. The picture I posted from the Seabase site definitely has a different flange, but for some reason the photos of boxes in the boards have the same flange as Futures. I’m going to give these boxes a try. 

GS , I was looking at a board a couple of hours ago with the boxes in the pics above  installed -

they most definitely do not accept Futures , only FCS and similar . The slot is only FCS length and there’s a ‘block’ in the bottom of the slot that would preveny insertion of a full length base.

Nice boxes all the same though - the under glass system would appeal to many , and I think there’s space for some fore/aft adjustment of the fin.

I wonder if the Seabase info is out of date ( which I doubt )  , or there are two separate producers working under the name Surfinz - which I also doubt.

Bit of a mystery.

I think Noe ( Nocean )  has used them a bit.

NF, you might be right about two different boxes. The only photos I can find with Futures fins has the elliptical flange ala Seabase. Their boxes have separate FCS and Futures adapters.


Knowaloha took this photo of a Glen Minami he saw in local shop here:


I’m going to go have a look at the boxes with the Futures-shaped flange next week. I hope they take both. If not, there’s no advantage over the FCS Fusions, which are under the glass and have the fore/aft adjustment.  



 come down and get some. you will need to use my adapters to fit in your futures jig and if you don’t have that you can use my stuff. 

They take the FCS and futures, surf finz fins.  All the stuff was given to me 3 years ago to evaluate. When I went to give my feed back and place an order the local supplier wasn’t involved with supplying them anymore.

From a builders perspective they are very nice to use. Comes with 2 sets of cut tape for under glass and hot coat use. Adapters and instructions are almost idiot proof. Other wise just like futures to install.

Durability seems good. none have been brought back. I have a dozen or so sets left if you want any.

Pics of adapters to use with futures jig, FCS set up and futures set up




nice looking flange


thanks Charlie! (CMP)

i noticed them on your boards you posted on craigslist

you always seemed to be way ahead of the masses..

eventhough i know i should be using protecs for safety I do have so many futures and fcs fins to try.

thanks again..

might have to try