New product

Here is a new product that I just saw.

That looks great but where do you keep the hex wrench? Hide it somewhere on your car?

Why not hide it somewhere on your car?

yes. the keys are magnetized, so they can go almost anywhere that is steel or iron. i put one of them in a semi concealed area and make it doubly secure with a piece of tape (like behind the license tag), just in case.

then when i put my keys and money in the keysafe in my board and lock up the car, i just put the key i used up on the roof. it’s magnetized, so the wind won’t blow it off, and if someone does see you put it away and comes to check it out, he only gets an allen wrench. he can’t open your vehicle with that.

also, most standard fin system wrenches (like an FCS key) fit the screws we use, so that’s a backup, too. if you lose the allen wrench, it’s a 3/32, and you can buy one at most hardware stores for about 35 cents.

That’s a pretty good idea. The problem with using it around here is after a surf my fingers are too damn cold to operate the little hex wrench. Mike

I like this one:

i understand that. not many days like that here in florida. actually, none. there are alternatives that might be better for colder climes. maybe we can update in the future with a bigger grip. thanks for the input.


they make one that twists closed like a plug. called the clam so not very new

from the merriam - webster dictionary: NEW 5. different from one of the same category that has existed previously (new realism).

is there a website for the “clam”?

it would be good for folks interested in enhanced safety to be able to compare what is available and to make an informed choice in their purchase.

here’s another website of “the same category that has existed previously”:

have no idea but they advertise in longboard magazine ever so often. I just want to know who uses these types of things anyway? but good luck with it.

thanks for the good wishes, bro.

been using them for about 6 months now. did the r & d with it in the bottom of the board, which i know is the worst spot for it. but i wanted to see how it would function under the hardest conditiions. no problems…keys never fell out…couldn’t feel any noticable drag (longboard), could always get into the keysafe easy after leaving the water. installations in the deck have worked out just as well.