New shark sign for Olowalu *PIC*

Recent article from the Maui News about shark warning signs being posted. The tour operators are not too happy.

Yeah I saw that today, I surf there in the summer (when we are lucky enough to get a swell) what a joke “Sharks may be present…” in the middle of the pacific, ya think?

The sign would make a nice T shirt.

…Terrible! Maui is officially singling out sharks and stereotyping them as killers. Uhh wait… Isn’t that what they are? Olawalu waters have been a shark haven as long as there have been sharks. Olawalu now has lots of snorkelers, but no more than areas to the south where there are much fewer shark attacks. None of the natives will swim in Olawalu water. Funny, they seem to enjoy spending the money from unsuspecting mainlanders who go there. Island surfers who surf there do so with eyes wide open. Nobody’s prohibiting visitors from swimming in the “shark nursery”. Wouldn’t it make sense to warn them about a place with at least triple the incidence of shark attacks? Arguing against informing people of the truth is absurd. This argument isn’t about sharks… or brown bears, or alligators. It’s about liberal racism and environmental bigotry. Funny, all over the world liberal white people hate members of their race for trying to “manage the environment” when they react to being killed. Yet when “natives” anywhere have the same reaction, we’re supposed to view them as “part of the ecosystem”. Invaraibly these natives’ forefathers are the ones who recently committed genocide on a previous culture, then raped their environment for their own benefit. Yes, I object to being killed. Man is capable of being the sole creature at the top of the food chain, and that’s where we belong. The only good shark is a dead shark. Short of that, why should it be illegal to avoid sharks? …unless you’re a bigot.