new surf techs

and what will people say about the wayne lynch surf techs?to show disrespect for mccoy and his shapes is to show ignorance of the contributions made by many to get many of you bugger noses in the water.maybe take your leashes of and see if you really know how to surf…

Hey JC I was one of those who made a disparaging remark about McCoys. I wrote about how the nose template does NOT fit the tail template. Look closely at the whole board, and you can see what I mean. There is a straight-er spot between the widepoint and the nose area, like they tried to stretch out the board, using templates for smaller boards. Oh, yeah, that… I surfed my best in the days before leashes were invented.

the other thing to consider besides template is weight or lack of…

I’m attracted to the really cool graphics - not just on the short boards but on the long ones too! I think they were designed using Word 98. Or MacPaint maybe. Anyone know?

Mccoy is responsible for M.R.'s first couple of twin fins and showed him how to shape. His first no nose single fins outline is what Simon Anderson put three fins on and gave birth to the modern shortboard. You take a look at that first no nose single fin he shaped for Mark Warren and Cheyne Horan in the late seventies and it looks very much like what today is called a modern fish. Now one of the most influential surfboard builders of the last 30 years designs a surfboard called a nugget that many Australian surfers enjoy riding and many Australian shapers are trying to copy and some come on this site and poke fun at the design and act as if a guy with Geoff’s experience does not know what he is doing in board design. Ignorance must be truly bliss.


Well, you’d better marry him, buy all of his boards, and …

You fool, to send him into GOD status. He is just another shaper, and when he screws up, he’s not above reproach.

Every shaper makes some dumb mistakes, and need to be called for it.

Boy, I wonder who else is on your “blindly worship” list.

But really, not to get on yours or his case…take a look at the template! Really, do it, and tell me what you think. Isn’t there a straight spot between the widepoint and the nose, like he’s trying to stretch the template to a longer board?

Troll alert. No worship just cold hard facts. The problem with many wider type of surfboard is the blanks that shapers have to work with. You could put enough curve in the design so it looks like a beach ball and it would not even go straight. Who are you to call a guy thats been shaping continuously since 1964 how to shape and what works. I don’t like any of the surftechs period. I don’t like what they stand for, how they look, how they ride, most of who rides them, or the shops that sell them, but I am not going to cut down the shapers who designed the boards because most of those guys have paid their share of dues and deserve a payout. Crawl back under a bridge.

I can understand the standard tri fin 9 foot longboard, but why all these shortboards? Kooks don’t buy them. Kooks by funboards and such.

I can’t believe anyone buys that crap.


Solo Surfer…either you have not looked at the template, or you are blind.

NO shaper deserves blind faith and NONE are beyond reproach.

If they make a stinkbug, they made a stinkbug!

You are letting reputation get in the way of your judgement and your eye.

If you really have looked at that funboard small wave shape template, and think is is a nice, even curve, then OK, that is your opinion balance by my opinion.

But if you think that McCoy can never be critized, that everything he does is perfect, then you are an idiot and a fool.

I DID NOT say you are " and " …I’m letting YOU determine your status.

Don’t matter if it’s Duncan, Randy F, Doug Haut, Al’s, Rusty’s, or even hand shaped Wayne Lynch’s (he’s my hero)… if he makes an ugly template…he made an ugly template.

NOWHERE did I mention whether the board works great, not so, OK, or flat sucks.

I only mentioned his template curve has a straight spot in it, for all to see, and it looks ugly.

My first post still applies, I don’t blindly worship ANYONE!!!


Your letting me determine my status? What you mean is if I don’t see things your way, I am an idiot and a fool. Pretty strong words for a simple surf forum. I think anyone who takes something as trivial as a surfboard design as serious as you obviously do is an idiot and a fool themselves. You are probably wearing your favorite pair of name brand surf cloths and watching shelter or some rediculous movie like that.

I don’t blindly folow anyone. I happen to know that nuggets work. You are looking at a picture. Did you see the attachments I put on my post? Do you feel those boards have a straight spot? Also with wider tails you will be round like a beach ball with little drive. My point is Geoff is obviously looking for something that is functional and not fashionable. Most people thought the early pigs, the early fish, and the early no nose designs were ugly as well, but all of those designs still exist.

As for Wayne Lynch, Great surfer, really nice guy, nothing special about his shapes. typical modern outlines and double enders are double enders. Nothing against his shapes at all, but typical. Also many of the designs on the old Evolution site, look an awful lot like a nugget lazor zap cross to me. Mccoy being one of the most copied shapers in OZ.

Other shapers who I think are really world class are Steve Forstall/Coda, Jeff Bushman, and Greg Pautsch.


Yes, the Aussie’s are the greatest band of surfers to ever have surfed, have made every significant contribution to shortboard surfboard design, and also are the only good surfers in the world.

Talking shortboards, from Nat to PT, from MacT to Lynch, going thru MR, handing it off to Damian and Occy, no other country has made nearly as many contributions to great shortboarding than the guys from the land of Oz.

If any other surfer is deemed equal, then it’s just pure prejudice against the soul surfers from the Ozland.

Like history, prejudice is a mean obstacle to overcome. Being originally colonized by prison inmates, the world has never stopped it’s prejudice against the innovative surfers from Australia.

A large surge sweeps the beach while those standing arround the old fire pit argue about past glories of broken sprigbok warriors now reduced to their respective common denominators…dust to dust…and making dust in between…wether its making dust in the yard making castles in the dirty sand or digging dryrot out of wood found in the creek my proclivities to a facination with shape and form in water persist…to be critical of others work?An engineered flat spot well concealed haas come and gone in accepted fashion.A heated state of mind ,passion if you would,is where emotion has taken over the intrlectual pursuit of growth.I for one say to a hardliners fool label…thanks… a greater pool of genius never could touch the unoficial fraternity of fools,Galileo.Pathagoras.Pastuer.Newton.Wavy Gravy,Tiny Tim ,Jimmy Hendrix,Jim Fisher,Bob Simmons, Velzy, countless functioning Alcoholics the morning after on coffee indicted or running free,rich as stinking bogs or poor as a churchmouse…all fools and we are their itelectual direct descendants in ascencion…a nice ride is a nice ride I’m in heaven when my car starts when I turn the key and just the same when a wave comes to me and I swallow my fear and make the drop and success is mine…I have long since not owed fealty to another shaper as i’ve been riding my own…foolishness …shaped backwards in under appointd work spaces as happy as a kid at the beach looking out to sea…ambrose…Issac newton ,not wayne there are no fools in Las Vegas

Well…uh l’m just curious here.What if the shaper put the flat spot in the outline on purpose?I mean does this possible design change render him useless?Only wondering…nothing more.

Cleanlines you get it. LeeDD No one has said the aussies are the end all of everything, but credit is do where credit is due. It’s the California surf companies and magazines that try and write surfing history the way THEY want it instead of the way some of it was. Hype is the name of the game there. I thought this forum was for an exchange of ideas not constant bashing of other shapers designs or calling those who like one shaper or another fools and idiots. There are hundreds of shapers around the world that make very functional clean surfboards that never get any recognition. I look at a guy like Steve Forstall over in Melborne Fl who makes some of the cleanest lines on hybrids, longboards, and Eggs that I have seen, but you don’t see guys like him in mags. unless some surf shop owner thinks he can make a buck out of it.

bash the nugget all you want, they work…i own the actual 5’6 potbelly pictured on mccoy’s website (groovy colorwork and all), took it to ecuador last month having never ridden it to see how well the “loaded dome” bottom worked in conjunction with the outline (straight spots and all)…it was a blast… i build 250 of my own boards a year (i’ve surfed since '66) but needed to know what geoff was up to so i bought one to try…surprised would be an understatement! outline not pleasing to the eye doesn’t equate to a crappy board…

“an outline not pleasing to the eye doesn’t equate to a crappy board…”

Yeah! Truer words were never spoken… you sure got that one right, Jim! Great subject matter for another thread!

Dunlop makes some nice shapes himself. I like the checkerboard one on your site. Have not forgot about your Tee Jim. I hear the 5’2’’ calling you at $500.00.


the funds just aren’t there…i’d love the board, but…

he solosurfer…

i am loving the gullwings more feed back for you soon… how bout a shipping cost for that 5’ 2" out here to 92618? Still waiting on Pautch.