New surfboard building supply store open in Ventura!!

I just learned a new and glorious fact; there is a new surfboard supply shop furnishing all your surfboard building, shaping, glassing and repair needs!! No more searching for a shop with what you need. No more waiting for an order from Foam E-Z. No more hassle… Just head to;

Foam, Fins and Fiberglass

Next to the laundromat on Main street (across from the high school) in Ventura. Guy named Scott runs the place - real nice guy, very helpful. Full selection of glass, supplies, shaping tools, ding repair, fins, blanks, tints, colors, and a boatload of shaping and repair accessories.

JJR - he’s got your LokBox Bonzerfin setup… those look TIGHT! I’m gonna do a fish with that system - but I figured maybe you might know where I can get a line on a discount of the $70 price tag! YOW!!


So… SHAPERS!! SURFERS!!! Pay this dude a visit! Support your local surfer and the art of surfboard making!!

I picked up a new blank, a bunch of tints, some fins and a gallon of lam resin and UV catalyst.

Howzit groovn, What about Fiberglass Hi in Santa Barbara, They should have everything you need.Aloha,Kokua

That’s great news. Any chance they’re a little cheaper than FOAM EZ? It shouldn’t be too hard.