New Surfboard Shaping Pad!

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion but… we think this pad is worth it!

[img_assist|nid=1062879|title=E-Z Shape Pad|desc=The most versatile and efficient surfboard shaping tool available!|link=none|align=left|width=70|height=100]





We are very excited to announce that after many months of testing, it’s finally available! The E-Z Shaping Pad
is the most versatile and efficient shaping pad on the market. The
medium density foam is extremely light, flexible, and comfortable to
use. The pad increases accuracy and consistency while saving time and
energy in the shape room. The E-Z Shaping Pad is so versatile that you
can use just this pad to do most of the shaping steps on a board.
These pads are made in the USA and have been thoroughly tested by a number of professional
shapers over the past year.

The E-Z Shaping Pad can be used to shape decks (convex), bottoms (concaves), and flats with some e-z manipulation of the pad. The abrasives
we’ve chosen are unbelievable at cutting foam at a consistent rate,
the aerated mesh keeps the abrasive from clogging up, and the
durability is un-paralleled. The E-Z Abrasives come in two styles; HD = Heavy Duty and LD = Light Duty.
These abrasives work incredible with both Polyurethane and EPS Foam.
The hook/loop backing allows for quick abrasive changes. 

The E-Z Shaping Pad Combo comes with the E-Z Shaping Pad and your choice of TWO (2) E-Z Abrasives. By purchasing the E-Z Shape Pad Combo you get** one (1) Abrasive FREE, a $5.00 value.**

The E-Z Shaping Pad is so simple, yet effective, that we’re sure it will become your “go to” tool in the bay.

Check out
this video
to see how e-z the pad is to use.

I watched the video, it looks great!

Dimensions please??

I picked one of these up a few weeks ago from the shop and LOVE IT! The quick change velcro backing and durability of the grits is what make this so special.  I had a pain in the @$$ time with the older egg crate foam and the spray adhesives and trying to pull old paper off to put different grits on. i’d tear up good sandpaper trying to switch grits and probably end up costing more in the long run. The foam part of the pad is also very durable and I’ve only tore it up barely when sanding near a fin and catching it on the sharp edge.  Highly recommend! The pad can be curved just enough to smooth out rails on a hotcoat too.  I sound like an infomercial, sorry guys!


Sorry for the shameless self-promotion but... we think this pad is worth it!

[img_assist|nid=1062879|title=E-Z Shape Pad|desc=The most versatile and efficient surfboard shaping tool available!|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]






shame on you

watchout brad..............g-rat will be posting what a bs fraud you

but seriously,hope you had a great turkeyday and hope to see you soon.


Just ordered the combo!  Thanks Foam EZ!




I will have to get me one of those


  love you guys

be in there someday to get supplies

Well Brad I'll pick one up next time I'm in the vicinity.  Which should be a week or so.  Lowel


i all ready got a name for mine.

"foam-ez Maxie pads"

lite............regular ..................and heavy duty ..............for those............not so light flow days.




Always taking it to the next level!  Maybe we’ll use your “suggested” name on our next pad?  That is with your blessing we will!!!

See you soon-


Shameless promotion should come with a hefty Sway’s discount.

of course b,

with my blessings.



Aloha Brad:


I tried to order a set but the shipping to Hawaii cost just as much as the pad.  I think it is a great product I can justify the shipping cost.  The shapers square also looked like another excellent product.  Can you guys ship USPS priority mail flat rate boxes to Hawaii.  If so, I am going to order a bunch of stuff.



Looks sweet Brad. Is there an east coast model?


I sent an e-mail to you, do you ever check?     It   has been several days.


I sent an e-mail to you, do you ever check?     It   has been several days.


I sent an e-mail to you, do you ever check?     It   has been several days.

Yo UncleD-

Yeah we ship USPS all the time to Hawaii.  You can either email your order and we’ll get back to you with a shipping quote or you can place your order and put a note in there to ship with USPS.  We then ship it with the least expensive USPS option.  We have quite a few HI customers we ship to using USPS.

Feel free to call or email us for more info.



Hi Bill-

That’s really strange!  Of course we check our email throughout the day.  For some reason I haven’t seen one from you.  Do you know what email address you sent it to?  Sorry about the delay.



Hey Brad

Pad looks great! Keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays