NEW to me

Can’t wait to use this.

If I could figure out what’s going on with this website I could probably listen in on all your phone conversations and read your PMs.

hahhaha! you type something and post, it comes out: yuo tipe smurfing ops


I can see why.

Sammy bammy–  you’re still a wannabe.  Trying to post a pic a recently accquired tool on this site resulted in a virus and the subsequent crash of my desktop.  i’m done with this site.  I’m not gonna do special voodoo to comment or post on a site full of wannabes.  Have a nice life.

Buh Bye


(normally used as a dismissive for a person's comments or an idea that is unwelcome or unpleasant. sometimes used after a look of disbelief.)

Some people can’t take a joke.

Keep grinding that axe, Lowel. 
I think your sippy cup is over there in the corner. You should stop throwing it on the floor when you get “upset” over minor shit.

But, I can understand your frustration in not being able to post a photo. It does involve voodoo, sorcery, and some kind of secret decoder ring.


Hey McDIng, what planer does that barrel fit? I was looking for one and settled on a gold Shaper’s AU barrel. I heard those Cyclones (if that’s what it is) wear down the planer bcause they’re not perfectly balanced…I bet that would cut through stringers better than the gold spiked barrel I have.