New use for a Skil

Crazy thought…Used my Skil for actual woodworking. Took the top layer of schmeg off the workbench without any bogging.

Anyone else use their planer for other things besides shaping?

I must have hung at least ten doors, over the 53 years that I’ve had a Skil 100. Have corrected twister lumber too. Made a dog house for a 100 pound Doberman, and used the Skil to cleanup rough cuts, and edges.


Bro, that’s why they invented Harbor Freight.

like that is just basically a really wide stringer!

Funny, I have 2 planers that are not made for shaping, so I use them for everything else. One has 3 blades.
Been working on wood boards again, so I’ve been planing logs then cutting them up. I wish I could use my dad’s joiner, but my brother has it hidden away somewhere. He was nice enough to bust out his thickness planer and we got a bunch of wood set for the next board, but I still have about a dozen tree limbs that I need to cut.