Newbie question

Hi all,


I’m starting to learn about surfboard repairs so I can fix my quiver. I bought some resin, fiberglass mat, talc powder (as I can’t find q cell filler or micro glass bubbles locally) and more materials.


I started with 2 thin lines and a 1” hole caused by rocks. I filled them with resin and talcum, left for some hours and sanded with 100 grit sandpaper.

I attached some photos of the actual job. I know there is a tiny hole caused by a small bubble made with the talcum and resine that I’m cleaning and refilling now.


Now if I touch the board it feels smooth and great but my question is: Do I need to add fiberglass over the filled hole? My fear is that adding mat and resin I’ll be making thicker that area of the board as right now is perfectly leveled but I know that the fiberglass mat will add lot of structural support to the board.




Yes. Use fiberglass. Sand around the ding. Tape it off with masking tape. Add the cloth and saturate with resin. Cut the tape with resin starts to harden. Sand the edges flush as possible. Might want to retape and paint sanding resin over the ding and sand that for a better finish. Mike