Newbie Resin Question

First board, done shaping, ready to glass. It’s a 6’1" x 20.5" x 2.75" swallow. Planning on using 4 oz. E cloth. Question: Can I use Ding All sanding resin for the entire glass job? Prefer to since I’ve got gallons on hand and have never used laminating resin. Thanks.

No. There will be seperations between different resin batches because of wax in the resin.

Greg, Thanks. I’m not sure I understand your answer. Do you mean that where the bottom and top glassings overlap (i.e. around the rails) that there will be separation?

Hi, There are plenty of informations in the Swaylocks database. Here are the links : and And I highly recommend you to read the guide of boardbuilding, here’s the link : I did have the same questions when I was a newbie. The wax makes the resin set up non tacky so it can be sanded. Regards, Crabie

Yes. And the hot coat won’t stick either.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the tips. One other question. I bought a laminate (nothing fancy just some flames on the deck). See any reason why I shouldn’t go for it first time out? Directly on the foam or between the two cloth layers?

Howzit Mitchell, If you’re putting the lam on the bottom of board then put it on the foam, on the deck put it between the layers of glass. If it’s a big lam you might want to make a separate small cool resin batch for it.That way if it takes too long to put it down you won’t have to rush your lamination time.Good Luck Aloha, Kokua

I assume that the lam you speak of is on rice paper.If not (a decal) you better not glass it in.Just a thought. R. Brucker