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Saw the Bells Beach heat with Occy and Curren and I was surprised to see Curren riding his skim board with fins. I bet we’re going to see more of these tiny boards in the water soon.

I missed that part, but heard the announcers and Kohole Adino mention the skimboard thing.  Wish I had seen that.  There is a shaper on Maui who shapes all the “Maui Skim” boards for Louie at Maui Built.  They are not that far off from being surfboards.  Just shorter, thinner and finnless.

They also take advantage of a very flat rocker. I like the way Curren chose to do his own thing and surf to have fun, that’s the way it should be.

I really hope it is! … way more waves for me! 

Curren has been playin’ around with those things for at least a few years.

Some time back SHACC hosted a party in Tom’s honor thrown by Maurice Cole and Tom had one of his hockey stick finned skimmers with him; he spent much of the evening chatting about how much fun he was having on it. 

Brent Edwards/Maui Skimmers is who I was referencing.  

Tom Curren having fun

Thanx Dr.  Fun video. He still rips it up.  Good to see some footage of SB .  

Somewhere someone is in their shop now working on the next version of this board. I can see it in my head now. 

All the best

I’m thinking about making one. Any opinions as to why he added foam on the deck versus building a board with the necessary float already added? Maybe for foot wells? Here’s the same video as above if you don’t want to leave the site to watch it. 

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My guess is added for paddling floatation as after market mod to off the rack board. Next gen may well have more foam built in the shape

I was down at Bells for the heritage heat. Glad to see him out there having fun, but that board goes so bad… Occy was ripping, throwing some huge turns all through that week. TC absolutely blows up on an actual surfboard and he’s good enough to make the skimboard look OK, but much worse than he would look on a better board.

This immediately came to mind

Hilarious Dr S

allbthe Best 

I would have to agree.  That is what I have been saying about most of these design and fin fads.  Under the feet of a Tom Curren, Kelley, Joel Tudor or any of the Pros an Ironing Board Rips!  But does the innovation do anything to improve the surfing of the average surfer?  Most of the time the answer is NO!

I think Curren was channelling Miki Dora and giving the competitive surfing world the finger when paddled out with that board. That board doesn’t give him much chance in crowds, and he had an opportunity to surf Bells with just one other person.


I was flashing back to when Curren paddled out on a keel-finned fish in a heat against I think Taylor Knox in the early nineties.   At the time, this was unheard of and entirely unconventional.  In my mind, it was the moment that sparked the fish revolution.

We should make a couple and try it out

is that why you make those paipos?

out of 1 inch superlight EPS stacked over our woven bamboo cores and balsa skins

flat with a nose flip hard rails and seed outline

shape the 2in to 1in thick maybe 23"-24" wide

maybe do a 1/4inch balsa bottom skin to prevent any flexing

just picked up a set of those S-wing fins to try on those two board I got on Kauai in 2017

wish I kept my Bert Burger magic carpet experiment which was 1.75 inches thick