Next project...

Hi Swaylockers,

That’s my next project: a board for small and long waves, the guy is 5’11" tall and weights 185 lbs, he doesn’t want to surf agressively and doesn’t likes logs as well so I came up with a kinda short and very wide board, check it out.

The initial ideia is to make it single box and the bottom will be a full shallow vee, increasing in tail, with double concaves in the middle section (his step pressure is forwards), with soft 60/40 rails not edgy. The guy wants down the line speed and as he said: “I want rails that I can rely”. For me it’s very hard to translate but it means that he wants a rail that can hold his weight and still bury a little to do some turns.

Any inputs are welcome.


My two cents:

I like it, but I would do LESS tail rocker – like 1.75 or 2 inches

EDIT: unless the guy surfs juicy waves of head - overhead

This has been…

my two cents

i agree-get the tail rocker down more…looks good otherwise!

Actually, the more I think about a front-footed guy on small long waves, who wants down the line speed, and rails he can count on…

why not a fish???

That’s all what they’re made for!

Thanks for your attention, guys!

Indeed, after checking the measurements again I’ve realized that’s too much tail rocker, maybe nose rocker too…

Janklow: I’ll offer him that possibility, great idea!

I’ll keep you updated with the developments, thanks again.