Nice Rack!

My sister just called looking for a recommendation of a surf rack for the niece’s car. She’s currently on a 9’LB and driving an Avalon.Should be easy to use and adjustable.  Anybody have a favorite?     I haven’t used racks too much since the old Aloha rack days.

If she has money to burn the Inno locking racks are great and very solid. Other than that cheapo fcs racks will keep the board on the roof too.

cheapest straight bar racks she can find for her model car, some pads and single 20’ Da Kine strap (try Left Lane Sports online, hella cheap sales) on and off in seconds.

only way I carry my LB’s on the roof.


Will you bust our asses if you catch us admiring you niece’s rack?

I’m  with Thule.  Have owned several for differant vehicles over the years.  I prefer the flat bars over round bars as used by Yakima.  Put your board in a padded day bag and strap it down with a “ratchet” type strap from Lowes or Home Depot and it aint a goin’ nowhere.  Tested time and time again coming outta da Pali tunnel into a head wind at Maalaea. 

After they stole my fancy Yakimas, this was my solution:

I fit things so the Noodles over the 1" EMT and roof of car have all the weight…The only thing different I would do is make the Aluminum a little wider and taller. Used sheet metal screws and some super silicone stuff to attach…

Tested on Pali with strong gusts and 35 pound board many times…

After I wrecked this Nissan(on the Pali), I ended up using the same feet on my Saturn in Cali.


X2 on the Thule. Got one for my wife’s volvo s40, and it has really paid off. In addition to surfboards, it helps for buying random stuff from home depot, or picking up a bunk bed from craigslist. I have the square bars also. It wasn’t cheap ( around $400), but it was worth it. 

my 10’0" x 23 fits completely INSIDE my toyota yaris sedan. just put the seats down and slide it through onto the dashboard. #supercheap