Nicholson Rasp/File

Anybody use 'em.  They are great on wider stringers and tail blocks.  I have used them for rails, but don't prefer them for that part of the process.  After experimenting with them over the years;  I pretty much use them only for foiling tailblocks and rounding over stringers.

Yes Sir M’Ding, the rat tail is perfect to dial in fish tails, and stingers.

It is hard to find but the Shinto Rasp is a sort off multi blade hacksaw mated with a file/ excelent for rough fiberglass clean up and wood work. My guess is its not in your quiver.


Pariah, Shintos can be found in woodworking catalogs. One in particular is; Lee Valley Tools.

Right!  Don't have a "Shinto", but I'll be looking into it.   The Nicholsons that I have are mostly Ferrier type rasps.  Fourteen inches long,  1 1/2" wide.   Big teeth.  I've got rattails too.  They make all types and styles for differant purposes.  Still made in the USA I believe.  You can buy them new at Home Depot   I told a horeshoer recently that I used a 14" inch Nicholson in the surfboard shaping process.  He looked up from the hoof he was filing with an astonished look. 

The Farrier looked up at you probably because he couldn’t stand upright. You ever have 1000 lb. asses lean on you all day?





(of course you have…you work for a living)

Here's what I keep in my roll. The two on the left are cabinet makers #49 and 50. They cut fast and uniform. Two of my favorite tools.

Very nice.

I went to work with a famous Luthier named Randy Wood. I picked up one of his cabinet rasps and went at it using the thing like sanding block with back and forth strokes. He said WTF are you doing? and told me that a rasp and file only cuts on the forward stroke. My point is that these are amazing tools used right. Rasps and Files are like sandpaper…You start with course and work your way to fine. If you dont have a "file card’ which is a type of wire brush for cleaning the teeth you are doing it wrong. I sometimes soak mine in acetone or naptha to soften the residue. Have fun out there.

    Howzit Mr.Clean, I think all files have only one cutting edge side so using them back and forth is usless as you know, but there are people who try the back and forth motion,duh. Aloha,Kokua