Nick "sdrepairman" Abraitis

Nick has been a regular contributer on Swaylocks. He has suffered a Hemorrhagic stroke. There is a fund set up to help him. I do not know if this is where this should go but just passing along the info.

oh no! that’s terrible.

Nick is a standup guy, very generous.

I hope karma pays him back.

sending him prayers for a speedy recovery.

Crazy Stuff !  Nick is a super good guy. I don’t want to give my personal information to the link but I will be in contact with the family. I left a message on Nick’s cell…we need to help this guy out…I’ve been dealing with family members with stroke… Please do what you can to help Nick…and…after the hospital is often the hardest part…


That’s aweful. A really good guy. Prayers on the way. 

I hope you have a chance to read this.  I only met you a couple of times at one of the Big Sur Swaylocks campouts but I truly enjoyed your company each time.  You’ve always taken the time to answer my stupid repair questions that I’ve sent via private message.

You brought a TON of the BEST fish up to Big Sur and sliced it in to the BEST Sashimi I’ve ever tasted.  I remember after a few beers, I dipped a slice of fish in to the secret sauce you mixed up.  I had a big drool of sauce running down my chin and didn’t realize it until you tactfully motioned for me to wipe my face off. HAHA

You’re a class act, amigo.  I hope for a speedy and complete recovery for you!

Nick’s swaylocks name is “sdrepairman”. He is a super nice humble guy who at 28 yrs old got hit pretty heavy.

I have followed several of his threads/posts in the past.

Getting hit hard at 28 is an understatement for a cerebral hemorrhage.  That is rough.  I hope they caught it quickly and he makes a nice recovery, quickly.

This could be a life changing thing for him. I do hope he will be able to recover and get back to doing what he loves.  Money is tight right now but Colleen and I will do what we can.


really sorry to hear this , SDRepairman .


 Thanks for letting us know , Ace.


  28 IS so young for this to happen


  best thoughts wishes and prayers for a really good recovery SD ,


  you know that people here will be thinking of you , and those that are able I’m sure will catch up with you , Sways is definately a caring community , when people are in need …