NJ Swaylockers in need of EPS foam

I have 4 blocks that are 72" x 6" x 24" and one that is 84’ x 12" x 24" (I am pretty sure these are the dimensions, but can verify them when it stops raining later this weekend as they are currently in my shed).

They are 2lb C-bead EPS “well fused” foam. I may be making a move into a new small home that does not yet have a shed or garage, so I would need to cut down the volume of stuff I have for the time being and I just do not time to cut and shape them anytime soon.

I would like to figure out some sort of trade/barter OR a nominal payment. I paid somewhere around $225 for all these, so I will entertain reasonable offers. I would like to unload them all at once, but if you want one or two we can probably work something out.

I apologize for not putting this in the classified section, but I would like to do this in the next week or so if possible, so I needed a more visible forum.


Where in NJ are you located?

I live in Lavallette, NJ. It is a little south of Manasquan and Point Pleasant, a little north of Seaside.

PS- to make up for not utilizing SwayBay for this task, I just donated $5 to Swaylocks.

you have a pm

Received and replied. We’ll see what you can fit in your truck and go from there. I included my phone # in the PM I sent back.

Sold all but one of the 6’ blocks (would make a good fish or stubby blank) to Twentythreefive, so if anyone wants to buy that last one off me, let me know. (Another) $5 of what you give me will be donated back to Swaylocks.


Where did you get the foam?

Carpenter foam. They have a plant in PA. You should be able to find it via google.