no air, bubble free

started using siphons (auto grade) for pigmented resin and now also for my top coats.
sipohon kills bubbles and air…

Show me. Please? Would like to see your process. The only place I usually have to work a little harder to be bubble free is around fins on the lam.

i just siphon the resin. the fine mesh seems to crush all bubbles. only done it twice but both have come out way better than before.
but i have also switched resin and I´m super happy with the entropy super sap. way better than the rsf 816 i was using.

I used a heatgun for the first time on a hotcoat that I laid down this morning.

I am using 2 part surfboard epoxy from the local supply shop. I forget the brand.

It was amazing how the heatgun made all the little tiny bubbles pop.

The hotcoat came out the clearest I have ever done.

If my epoxy hotcoats come out too clear it just shows all the bubbles in the lam. WTF! Mike

I have plenny of those too Mike

siphon it all!!! :slight_smile:

ehh duh, tired last night when posting… i meant strainers (siphon shaped)
auto grade paint strainers…lol
sorry guys

side note…that indasa tape is great, and also cheaper

great find :slight_smile:
which micron size sieve?

190 microns

OK. Got you now. Yes straining will make a difference. But if you do get them and see them soon enough the heat gun is a neat trick. If you’re getting them in a lamination; you may be overworking with the squeege.

its a hoat coat issue, or used to be. i pop em in the lam with the squeege. now my only problem is dust particles here and there. thanks