non-design question, need help planning honeymoon

Sorry about this question having no relevance to surfboard design, I hate threads like this, but I need help planning a honeymoon/surf trip. My fiance gave me the ok to surf but I want to find a place where she can relax, go to a spa, horseback ride, etc. while I grab a few waves close to the hotel/resort. So, here’s the deal: We are traveling from the East Coast, it’s in early October so it’s still hurricane season, we have been to Costa Rica 3 times and want to try someplace different, Hawaii will not fit into our budget, we only have about nine days and don’t want to lose a full day on either end just to get there. Any help out there?

hey rick, how about bermuda?

I have never heard much about Bermuda’s surf potential, do you know something I don’t? I think it definitely lies in the west Atlantic hurricane alley and that could certainly make for an unpleasant experience.

ok then, how bout puerto rico?- you seem familiar with costa rica- PR could be just the ticket- or are you trying to avoid hurricane alley altogether? i have done a little research on bermuda; never been there myself and dont know how that location would react to hurricanes.sorry. just trying to be helpful.

Backpack into the Lost Coast in Northern California…That’s what my bride and I did 20 years ago this month…I’m sure it hasn’t changed much…Spectacular scenery…and Big Flat gets the waves…wink wink… Paul Jensen

I’ve surfed Bermuda several times. Once was spectacular, the other time was pretty dismal. There are definitely some waves to be had there. Consistancy is what has kept it below the radar. It is not exactly a sure bet destination for surf. The island is beautiful, the people are great, the dollar is easily interchangable, and the best thing is that it is close to the East Coast (don’t lose time traveling). If you want the scoop on the surf breaks, let me know. I’ll dig up my notes.

Bermuda - beachbreak, reef breaks, boat-only type off-shore reef passes (I have heard and seen these with binoc’s from shore). Get the Surf Report (still avail?). It is hard to get it right for surfing though - I’ve been a few times (spring) and never really scored. Oct would seem like a good time to go, yes, you might get caught in a storm. Most storms, however, track futher west and slide up the EC. Bermuda is often under a high pressure systen when the east coast is getting hammered. Oct. is Just off season so it should be cheaper with less crowds. you can do a big resort - the Sonesta has a break off-shore from it. - cottage communities (‘Horizons’ is great [how about having breakfast brought to your cottage - would she like that?], expensive, but hey- it’s the Honeymoon!). or any number of smaller places. Bermudian water makes Hawaiian water look gray & dingy. there are - spas, tons of shopping, good dining, history, pink sand, and you get around on mopeds - If any of those sound good. (mopeds are a lousy way to get your board around though… but from some spots on the south shore, more than one break is walkable). If there are no waves you can snorkle & free dive the reefs till the fish eat you. Must byosurfboard - unless you are connected - windsurfing shops abound but not surfshops. My 2 cents.

don’t go to the Abacos. trust me. you may get there, but your boards will enjoy their own little vacation in Miami. but along the lines of what Mr. Jensen was getting at I did get a lot of “riding” in… and isn’t that what counts?


Ocracoke Island , N.C. Don’t tell anybody. October is the month.

the Dominican Republic north coast. hurricanes veer by, rarely hit the island very inexpensive good surfing and windsurfing around Cabarete good vibe my wife and I had fun sun surf kb

Thanks for the responses guys, it’s most likely going to be Dom. Republic or Barbados. Ocracoke? If I can’t afford Hawaii how could I possibly pay for the ferry and all those trips to the Brew-Thru?

Go to Georgia, Tybee Island. Cheap food, nice scenery, small waves. Forget the surfing man. If you can give her nine uninterrupted days, she will love you for it. What about Canada? Supposed to get good surf on both sides.