Norm Abrahms

Norm on the New Yankee Work Shop would give us a C- on the diagrams we have for jigs ect. Does anyone have any coold ideas or jigs, or cool little tools to post in the diagram section?

“C-” I take it Norm didn’t like my “finjig?” :frowning:

Maybe I’m a total idiot! Can someone tell me how to find the url of an image stored on my computer. I have a good one of a rocker jig.

Hey Norm… How about you makin’ a hollow surfboard…???.. Paul Jensen

The “URL” is the web address of a site that may have the picture you want. If it is an image in your computer, skip that section that says “Outside Link URL” and go down to “Image Uploads.” Follow the directions and you should be OK. Sometimes the hard part is just remembering the file name and where you stored the thing on your computer!

I wish I could understand. I MUST be an idiot!

Rocker jig is cool, so are the others. Trying to spark more interest in others showing off their tools. has a lot of cool tools, especially the profile machine. It is just too expensive. Looking for people to post pics, plans of any cool stuff. I have many years experience. I’ll try to get something in, but I am a big procrastinator. Herb, cool pistol grip.

speak to rabbit at southcoast foam a while ago he was on about some plans for a profile machine!

there is a video off a shapingmachine on this site.

Paul your boards are a work of art- after being a carpenter for 40 years i can appreciate your work!! Very nice.