nose and tail block installation

Hello, I’m building a longboard(foam) and am making a nose block and tail block. Any ideas out there on how to attach them? I was thinking of some small dowels glassed in. Thanks in advance.

Just resin them on, tape holding the ends level and in place.

When you glass the board, use an extra nose and tail patch.

No need for dowells really, as the foam is still the weak point.

Hey, thanks Lee. I’m probably doing this backwards, a live and learn thing as I’ve already shaped the board, now I’m adding the blocks and I still have to shape them, because wouldn’t it be better to do it the other way? But I’ll get through it, and do it different next time.

Just resin the blocks on, masking tape off the foam, cut the blocks, shape them gently. When the blocks match the blank, peel tape.

Thank you-it’s clear now! and should turn out nice(hopefully)-thanks again. Scott

most people tend to shape the blocks prior to installing them on the board, but personally i find it much easier to shape the block down to match the blank once it’s already been installed. either way works, and you should do whichever you feel will yield the best result. good luck.

thanks Brandon

when i glue them on i do it with 5min epoxy and a little qcell mixed in. the qcell turns the glue white and makes a nicer seam. also i use the cut of pieces of foam as templates and do about 80% of the forming before i glue them on, i do most of the final shaping with a spoke shave, sharpen up your blades before you attack…

another hint of advice is do your first ones out of a softer wood (redwood etc) to get the feel for it. then move on to the purple heart, maple etc…

good luck.

thank you for the tips

All good advice. You also want to pay close attention to the seam–it should be totally vertical through the foam, or there will be a gap between the foam and wood block, which is ugly. I once saw Steve Boehne hold a metal right angle against the foam, then balance his saw against the upright side so that his cut was even. Seemed to work for him…I just usually clean up the cut with a surform or sanding block.

Good luck!

Howzit oceandweller, I did this one just last week. I wait til I’ve hot coated the board then cut off the tail and grind down into the glass and attach with wood super glue, works every time and you don’t have to worry about messing up the foam. Aloha,Kokua

hi kokua, thanks for the pointers. you’ve done a nice job there. is that koa? thank you!

Howzit oceandweller, It's hau bush which is like balsa and grows wild here in the islands. The darker wood is quite oily and I soaked it in acetone and coated it with lam resin before actually glassing it. Aloha, Kokua