Nose and Tail Width N00b

What is the industry standard for measuring the nose and tail width of a board? I understand that it is 12" from the ends. Do I measure on the deck? on the bottom? Do I measure 12" along the curve of the board, or should I put a straight stick flush against the nose/tail, and measure 12" with the tape measurer touching perpendicular to the stick?

I tried to measure my quiver today and quickly realized I would fluctuate a quarter inch here and there according to which method I picked.

A straight line across will measure width, A curved line following the contour of the deck will not - you would need a fabric tape like tailors and seamstresses use for that, and I’m not sure what you would use that measurement for?

Over the curve measurement of the bottom is easiest, BoardCAD will use either.

If you use straight line values you’ll need a rocker stick handy.

Easier to measure the bottom than the deck, it’s flatter.


Ok just to clarify, if a shaper were to measure the nose width of a board he/she would flip it upside down, hook the end of the measuring tape on the tip of the nose and then measure along the curve to the 12" mark and then measure across. Correct?


look at a shapers square you just lay it flat on the board so it would obviously follow the curve. you dont hold it up and out.

Hi Dubiak2-

This is exactly why we developed the E-Z Square Pro .  Check it out, it is an easy way to get your dims on the board and layout your fins.



Thanks everyone!

If I ever decide to shape my own board I might have to get one of those thing-a-majigs. I’ve seen shapers use it and had no idea it was specifically made for surfboards.