nose riding egg

i was just wondering if i could get some advice on shaping a mini longboard or egg. i just saw some cool mctavish ones and wanted to try something simular. i have never shaped so this is the first try. by reading hundreds of posts i am comfertable with starting i just need some dimension help. in order to attempt nose riding the thing how wide should i go with the nose and tail and what sort of rails am i looking at shaping. the blank i have is 7ft. so i proberly guessing its a bit far out to want to try nose riding, but by what i have read anything seems possible. just a basic few numbers to get me started woud be awsome so i dont go to far down the wrong path. cheers

Any board with a wide nose will probably noseride ok. If you’re looking to hang ten, I’d say a 7 footer would be too short. Cheater and hanging five should’nt be a problem. As for measurements, I had a 7’0" that had a 16 in nose, width 21", tail 14". round pintail with a 2+1 fin set up, rails are low and soft then hardens thru the last 18 or so inches. I used a 7in center fin with GX sidebites and it was quite loose and cut back pretty good too. I don’t like to go wider than 16" on boards under 7’6" as they sometimes tend to catch during manuvers, throwing my whole rhythm off.

You should read this article by John Orr :

“…Since 1983, I’ve been shaping my own boards and nose riding in tubes. Like my little board is 5’5”x 21 1/2”x 2 3/4”; it’s super fast and loose and it can also hang five in tubes …”

Thats fantastic. awsome, thanks so much, thats heaps to get me started. i mean i dont expect it to fully glide hanging ten simply cos of the small size of it, but crusing up front with five over is more than great. ill go round 6’6 to 6’8 with those dimentions and see what happens. i also just need to focus on makingthe thing look ok as opposed to lop sided and crap. ill post some pics when its done… if there is any other tips that be great, thank u for the advice…cheers

thanks for the artical, its awsome… maybey someday ill try smorthing like a 5’5 but for now ill keep dreaming. very inspirational anyway… cheers