Noserider Pintail?

Have heard pros and cons. Board is to be 9’4" x 22" x 3".

18" nose

Narrow hips

14.5" tail?

Single concave channel

Flat deck

Tail kick

Don’t pintails lack drive? Which is bad for noseriding…


Hi Balsa

How are you? I like that last triple stringer you posted.

I think He meant lack drive out of turns.

As far as drive is concerned

It will turn differently than a squash or a square.

On some waves it actually might turn a touch slower coming out of it.

I tend to try set my turn up a bit earlier if I can read whats in from of me quick enough.

But I love the way a pintail feels and its much smoother. (to me)

It holds a lot better and if the waves have juice, a pin will shine there as well.

This board here is the best noserider I have ever been on. (Honstly, to those who thing the nose is too small)

My suggestion is to make it a rounded pin but leave a little hip on it.

Good luck

What kind of bottom did you have??

“that’s your Oklahoma attitude. Everyone knows a square tail noserides better than a pintail.” - or something to that effect from big wednesday. I always thought that line was funny.

Square tails do noseride better than pintails, in my worthless opinion. The water seems to wrap around and hold it in better.

Although, I think you’re right that a rounded pin would turn better. But not noseride better. A 6’2" thruster would really turn.


What kind of bottom did you have??

Actiually its a long straight Vee (nothing exicting but it works well) I wanted the ability to ride as a single or a 2+1.

I thought this would have been best.