I’ve been a regular viewer of this site for 12 months or so now and love the design rave’s. I am about to get a noserider shaped and have gathered inspiration out of the mid-late 60’s to come up with dimensions 9’6"x19"x23"x16"x3.25". However, can you guys provide me with the pro’s and con’s of “pinched” 50/50 rails. When I look at some boards from the mid-60’s those rails make the board look so refined and blade-like and look as though they would slice cleanly thru the water. I intend on glassing the board in 10oz volane cloth and don’t expect the board to very heavy. Are there any tips on shaping pinched 50/50 rails? I want to keep the entry rocker quite low and straight but in the last 2 feet of the board’s tail I will add plenty of planshape curve and tail kick for easier turning ability and a harder edge for quick release. I expect the pod to be around 7 inches wide or should I go a little wider? The board will be ridden in waves from 1ft-4ft mostly. With the dimensions I have provided I expect the rails to be quite parallel, which is what i’m after in this design. The wide point will be at centre. Any ideas on rocker for both nose and tail. Overall - what do you think this board will go like and what should I expect. Any advice and chit-chat would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Fredo, AUSTRALIA

If you have access to a Clark Foam catalog (it may be available online), check out the numbers for the 10’3" shaped by Phil Edwards. For the noseriders w/ 50/50 rails I like using that blank with an extra 3/4"-1" of rocker added to the last 24 inches of the tail. The natural entry rocker is quite flat and works well. If you’re not going with the neutral rails, you’ll need to increase the entry rocker.

The clark foam catalog is available in PDF format from Great resource indeed.