Noseriding in the soup

Any tips on getting on the tip in whitewater?

The soup is the hardest place to ride the nose cause its where your board will be most unstable and likely to tip over. Practice and it will come. Watch some Joel Tudor vids, he is probably one of the better riders around who seems to be able to go through 10ft sections of white water on the nose.

I actually like to noseride in the soup, the added turbulence and weight of the whole rail helps keep the board locked into the “slot”. Now, 5 feet of close out white water is an other story, but those 2 foot days when running to the nose to squeak out an extra 20 feet of riding, white water nose riding is in the game

looks like someone else named austin is on here now. i guess ill change mine to Austin S. from now on. Yea some tips for noseriding through whitewater: lean harder on the rail towards the whitewater than on the one towards open face, and bend the knees more. sounds stupid but it works. Austin S.