Not so indestructible/Spitzer 1, Surftech 0

Ray,have you ever heard of a period?Did you drop out of junior college too soon?Just reading tit magazine’s and surf rags is not a balance!

My comments were not intended to disrespect Herb. I wanted to try and redirect the negative remarks being made about beginners. We all start somewhere.

Hey, you guys… I leave for one day and I caome back to this? Everyone flaming each other over who’s a kook? You guys are f*&king classic. Look, All I have to say is that there once was a time…(oh no not one of these tales) when I was a grom, and you could get the sht kicked out you for even riding any kind of longboard at the top of Pleasure point, or even being any kind of “kook.” Yes, I too am glad those days are past. But when I paddle out and watch “kooks” going over the falls, running my freinds over, dropping in on my freinds, and basically having no clue whatsoever… It bums my trip. Yeah, I am a ranting local… I’ve been surfing the same spot for 16 years now… call me what you want. But when I see a surftech, (a popular choice among these “kooks”) damaged on the rocks, and its owner hopelessly searching for the other half, I am going to find a little joy… deep within my heart, I just can’t help it. People, I have seen so many injurys substained from people running over other people, people losing their boards into other people, etc. When that happens, the person who blew it is always so “Sorry”… “Sorry bro.” You know what? Surfboards are f&king dangerous. They are like big clubs with one big or three small knives attached to them. If you went to downtown santa cruz and started swinging around a bat and accidentally took out a couple people… would a simple sorry do? “Geez sorry bro…” No I don’t think so. How about if you were riding a motocycle down the street and “accidentally” plowed into the sidewalk, maiming a few people? Sure your gunna be sorry, but thats not gunna be it. Alot of people are gunna be pretty pissed. So when you lose your board into the pack at Pleasure Point, a bunch of people (including myself) are gunna be pretty pissed off. I am not in the water to be injured. If you can’t get your own wave, don’t run me over, just cause the shoulder was right there, and If you can’t hang on to your board, then the waves must be a little more advanced than you can handle… move to another spot… like cowells were everyone can run into each other and be happy about it… why? 'Cause the waves are small and not dangerous. -Carl

Hey Carl- Please don’t send 'em back to Cowell’s-thingsare bad enough here. It isn’t ok to run over people at Cowell’s either- little norcal got a gash from a new guy on a surftech running him over-he had the board in the water for 20 minutes. It’s not the board but the rider that the problem. It is interesting that the imports are the board of choice for the dangerous.The big problem fatguy in glassesyesterday at toes was on one too. Some folks ride those boards well other really don’t. Come on over to Cowell’s- your wave!

Somewhere in this thread or others I think the problem was identified, and it isn’t the equipment. It’s newcomers without knowledge of tradition/manners. Surf schools are part of the problem, but plenty of people learn on their own. Gone are the days of wanting to do it for years before being able to get a board - those years were spent like undergraduate studies. Now it’s flash the card and hit the water. My boring earlier “surfing = golf” analogy came right out of these current observations. Buy clubs, take lessons, and go to any course which will let you on - experience and skill don’t matter, just the money. Newcomers often don’t know their is a difference, if there really is. Of course, golf can’t hurt you or others. That’s another thing new surfers don’t seem to be aware of.

Ya well that happened to me sort of on a borrowed stick. I drop in on a wave do a 360 come out of the turn and see a kid paddling over the wave so I keep going. I go to bottom turn and hit the lip where the kid paddled over because thats where it was coming down at. Anyways halfway through the bottom turn the kid stops paddling so I tried to re adjust but I nailed him still. Put a big pressure ding in my borrowed board and dinged the nose. Of course he was riding a ESP crap board or whatever the fake wanna be surf techs and nothing happened to his board. I paddled back out and just told him to keep paddling over a wave because no one wants to hit anyone in the water or get hurt. But anyways I had wax in my pocket so I shoved it in the nose ding and kept surfing my sesh. Was a beautiful day.

…Rumor has it: that the person that paddled up under/into me was intending on doing just that.Claims have circulated of this guy bragging in the parking lot to his friends before he went out about waiting to do my board in w/ his Surftech,and that my board would be torn apart while his tech would go undamaged. …My friends asked me what I was going to do about it? I said nothing,he got his in the end,and in pocket book. …My board,back in the water,after a 2 hour fix. …I haven’t had a collision in over 7 years ,this is after logging several hours 3-5 days a week of surfing. …I have nothing against techs but I believe that customers are mis-lead in believing that techs are indestructible/undingable by sales hungry people looking at there customer’s wallet,and not telling them the full story.Techs are however very strong,but if they buckle,there history.I know of a guy on his 4th in 3 years.All the rest snapped in two after about 6 months.Herb

Got to agree with those things not being indestructable. I lifeguard during the summer months. My lifegaurd corps ordered a bunch of the 12 foot surftech softop rescue boards for last summer. Snapped two in one day. Surf was a fee feet overhead at best. The second was a brand new replacement that had never been ridden.

…I love myself very much,THANKYOU ,…but i am third. … I’m ALSO VERY,VERY,VERY THANKFUL FOR HAVING WHAT I GOT and will receive…Christmas is EVERYDAY ! …and I don’t bitch much about the THINGS I don’t have (OR DON’T HAVE THE CONTROL OVER)(like it would help anyway). …Must be a terrible thing… not to love yourself. …There are things much worse than death itself,…I know because I’ve been working along side of both for over 25 years now. …go surf ! …Herb

Got some get-out-of-jail-free cards for you,so join the party,and Rock-a-BILLY IDOL with us.We’ll be in town soon.Heard Slim Jim Phantom signed a drum calender for you at the NAM show via your bro Ray.Does that make your collection complete? BOY ! your brother can PLAY the git-tar ,fan-tabulious.E-mails on the express.

bollocks tossers


…It’s the “Dog’s Bollocks”…what the hay,The shark’s bollocks !!!Herb

nice to have a good self image, but yours seems to be outacontrol

,just having fun ! …in surfing you got to have fun ! ,GOOD FOR THE MIND ! …bad for the body ! Herb

No frame of reference here, but by the look of things a man much wiser than me asked me, “change you change it?”, I said, “No”. And old Charles Hunter said, “then why the hell are you complaining.” but that was fishing and missing a freegaff on a nice big Mako