Not so indestructible/Spitzer 1, Surftech 0

…I was riding my fav 6-2 CrossXfire fish yesterday,I got this great wave with a surf buddy friend of mine who took off about 15 yards in front of me.I was within feet of catching him when some kook on a tech paddled right up under me while I was in the hook getting the beginnings of a good tube.Well needless to say I got dead stopped…When I came up I was expecting to see fins gone and general major damage.To my suprize all I had was a 2" x 4" puncture about 1-1/2" deep.Stuck in this ding was about 2" of Surftech nose(shorty).I pulled the nose out of the ding When I heard,“WHAT WERE YOU DOING!“Needless to say that I went off on the guy severally,and threw the nose piece inshore.He left and stated he’d never come back to this place,GOOD !!!My board allready fixed and riding.The tech is history though.Other than the broken off nose,he received a lateral buckle about 16” down from the now tip of his molded junk,and a large delam slice about 8 or 10” long.One less surftech in the water,one less kook in my favorite break.As he was paddling in he kept mumbling something like 900 dollars and it was brand new.Sucker.Herb

Hey Herb, you would have collided with that guy no matter what he was riding. Some people just get in the way incessantly. Yesterday I paddled for over 50 waves and on every takeoff 1 or more kooks were scratching to escape the whitewater but going right in front of me as I was dropping in. I have never seen such wussy surfers, they would rather get run over and ruin a couple of nice boards instead of duck diving. I duck dove close to 80 waves yesterday to avoid getting in people’s way. I just wish they would extend the courtesy back to me. We have so many people surfing on any given day that if their are 50 people that CAN surf in the water, their are 100 total kooks in addition. The last few years several surf schools popped up that would collectively “train” 75 people per weekend during the summer and fall months. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of new surfers in just the last two years. Unfortunately, these people take lessons to learn how to paddle and stand up, then they never come back for the course in etiquette and common sense. I saw a few fist fights yesterday, so tensions have reached critical mass. Anyway, time to build some 18oz volan boards to counteract the kook factor!

HaHa… you know what, as I was running up the beach at Pleasure Point yesterday, I saw a brandnew surftech longboard, completly busted in half. Actually I only saw the back half of it, the owner was knee-deep in the water searching for the other half. I thought “Indestructible?” and proceeded on my way. [smile]

Aaron- I know how you feel about the kook factor in the water. I tend to try and avoid a lot of spots in my area when the waves get good, because of how dangerous the kook problem is getting. A bunch of people with no clue in head-high surf is a good way to get hurt. In the last couple days I have seen so many people run over, dropped in on, or just plain in the way, that it makes me sick. What do I do? Just go surf somewhere else. Tried beating em, tried joining em, didn’t work… now I try to avoid em. -Carl

Yes, an accurate description of the present day Pleasure Point area. I, also, have found myself relocating my surfing, due to the total insanity of the situation there. The total lack of ocean and wave knowledge is not only amazing, but dangerous. It is not just the number of people, it is the total lack of understanding of what they are doing. As a good friend announced one day, with more than adequate volume, " We have more wave knowledge in our thumb’s than this entire pack combined". A sad, but none the less, true, statement. Cannot beat them, and cannot join them. Great article in the Monterey paper a few days back describing present day surfing at the Lane. And the kook’s just keep coming.

Surfing is soooo done mainly at the A spotsand the B leaves the c+ spots for the real deal.How can you guys go out at rincon and malibu and etc.??? I t is so weird out there.The pro’s and their bro’s are on cell phones TELLING everyone they know where it’s going off every morning!!!AND that’s OK!!! I don’t get it AT ALL!!!They travel in packs with their uniform on–knit cap,surf label shirt,goatee etc .etc.SURFING IS REVENGE OF THE NERDS!!!

Yeah, I know what you mean. I too was an expert the very first time I hit the water. I never got in anyone’s way. I caught (and made) every wave I ever took off on so no wave has ever been wasted on my account. Even so, I take an extra second just to make sure no one is in my take off zone before I go and that I double check behind me to see if anyone is already on the wave.

well said john - awful smell of bullshit machismo in herb’s tall story, if he were a better surfer (or more reasonable human), he’d have surfed around the kook which we once all were. re surftechs - shapers seem terribly scared - methinks they do protest too much.

I aim for them everytime I see a kook on them. [wink]

just read herb’s user profile

christian your such a punk

After a post like that, guess what? You’re the KOOK.

Oh, by the way, Herb- this was went for you Mr. Super charger

Just wanted to know who ever said that Surftechs were indestrutable?

im laughing at you bob,your tech is history herb got you good for trying to make him kickout . suckass he was getting tubed and you tried to play chicken and lost big time . YOUR THE KOOKs KOOK BOB

hey ot herbs got it right.bob got what he deserved . herb didnt really see it coming . it was a guttless arrogant sabotage on bobs part . lots saw what went down and think bob was put up to do just what he did . saw herb in the water to day with that very fish can’t even see the ding . Bet that tech wont see water again .

Herb’s the real deal… I had my doubts prior to meeting him at Swayaholics '03… There, it was my pleasure too get to know an INCEDIBLE (yet real) person… He blew me away with his depth of knowledge regarding any topic of interest he has… He also admits freely what his limitations are… The stories are a bit wild sounding, but Herb isn’t a… He’s just more alive than most…

Do you reall give a crap about Who’s a kook and who isn’t?GROW UP all you sissified pansy surfers!!!Bunch of nancyboy’s!Surfing is a pastime–THAT’s ALL IT IS!!

Iam sure my brother didn’t want to hit the guy but things like this happen when your surfing, who cares why at least neither got injuried we don’t run any other surfer on purpose wrong place wrong time and for the guy that he hit mouthing off that’s his bad it’s just a good thing he didn’t start swinging accidents happen been ran over when I needed 36 stiches inside and out from behind my left leg/knee nobodys fault wrong place/wrong time and the guy that hit me had to help me out of the water and rushed me to the hospital so lets all try to stay out of each others way and don’t forget to look out for the other driver…

Herb’s the real deal… I had my doubts prior to meeting him at Swayaholics '03… There, it was my pleasure too get to know an INCEDIBLE (yet real) person… He blew me away with his depth of knowledge regarding any topic of interest he has… He also admits freely what his limitations are… The stories are a bit wild sounding, but Herb isn’t a… He’s just more alive than most… --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This all may be true, but to air the dirty laundry here is REALLY a drag.