Note of thanks.

I was just readin’ about some good guys “down under” - being “up” her in Oregon (USA (he writes with some trepidation, but that’s another story)) And, someone pointed out the thread made them feel better after the “welcome to Hawaii” thing… Don’t feel too bad, the police here have been known to kill the mentally ill (providing the post about the guy being bi-polar, and off meds, is correct - which would make plenty sense) but anyway, after the horror of that thread, reading about the stoked up guys brought me back to what I wanted to say, and that is thanks for the inspiration.

Here’s the story. Went to the beach the other day, “flat” and blown out, but having read many posts of people riding prone, and not wanting to waste the time and gas on the three hour tour for nothing, I decided I’d give it a try, as it had been years since I set out to ride my standup board prone.

Long story longer… It was fun, and afterwards I was stoked to have gone out, and look for a new perspective. Now If I hadn’t had to drop a grand on a tranny for my car, I’d be orderin’ up my mat from Dale.

So, thanks to all you who keep the mind, and heart open, and the stoke level up! Peace, love, joy, Taylor E. Olson

It has been 10 years since I discovered prone surfing! It takes a drop in or an overhead wave for me to get me up!

Roger(Praying for small clean point waves)

taylor… how are you liking the autumn season here in oregon? glad to hear you found a way to ride this wild surf we’ve been having. i saw the movie “sprout” this week and it makes me wish i was rich enough to buy a mat, too. what a perfect oregon wave riding tool. hope you are well, nellyda

Well - the wind has been so shifty - waiting for the solid souths, easts to blow. And, of course, the ever changing swells, Ha! Good luck on your trip to points south to surf, and work on Spanish. I’d suggest “centro” where the water is warm - leave the seal skin up here. Taylor