Novice design help please

Attached is a design that I am working on. It is sort of a combo of my two favorite boards. This is the first time I have used the Aku Shaper software. Does it look like I am on the right track? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Oh, here’s a question: I imputed the leanth as 6’ 8’’ “over the curve”. Do most design using length dimensions as a straight line or over the curve? Would I need to print it longer than 6’8’’ on paper in order to get 6’8’’ over the curve of the board? Thanks

Paper a little longer than 6’8" may not hurt as it may give you some more room but 6’8" trough a straight line is 6’8". You could probably make a curve that was 10’ over the breadth of it but still 6’8" in a straight line. Like with 50" of rocker in the nose and 20" in the tail. Over the breadth (if that is the word) will be a lot longer than 6’8" but in a straight line from end to end would still be 6’8". As for using a straight line or a curve for measuring, I believe that the technically correct way to measure the length of a board is to measure the length of the deck. As for me, I’m not really fussed so long as it looks reasonably close. By the way I think your file has a hump in the deck which will probably make no difference whatsoever if you are not going to have the board machined.

Thank you very much for your response it was very informative. I appreciate the help!

your board has an eye pleasing look to it

nice design