NSP from Hawaii or Germany?

New Surf Project has a lot more services in its German site than on www.newsurfproject.com, which makes me wonder its origins…

Who owns the company?

Where are the boards made?

Whose shapes are the boards?

Does anyone have better info?

the nazis?..prounounced naaaaaazi…yep .

I have no idea who owns it or makes the plugs.

Boards are supposed to be made by Cobra in Thailand, in their cheapest construction technology.

cobra , cheapest asian production board available ,fully resin soaked eps core ,moulded , 2 layers of 450 gram chopped strand boat glass plus some standard fabric and epoxy resin , covered with a coat of white paint…



I’m a longtime windsurfer.

So the construction is similar to European shortboard contruction…with layers of glass matt, lotsa resin, heat , possibly pressure, app. 3/32" solid thick skin.

And prone to dents, delams, pressure dings.

Who am I to talk? I like the Bic poly constructions, with NO real glass, just chopped mat and flexy polypropolene skin, and blown poly core.