Number One

This is my first board! made it over the past month or two, slowly. It came out decent. It’s the first thing i’ve ever made with my hands. I learned SO MUCH from doing this one. Especially about glassing, a whole world of it’s own. It was nice glassing it as opposed to getting it glassed, it felt like I was building a surfboard, instead of just mowing foam and handing it off. THere is a lot of progression to be had, thats for sure. I want to watch somebody glass. I think that would help me out a lot.

It’s an 8’4 mini-glider for my girlfriend. It’s got an 18 inch nose , 15 inch tail, and it’s pretty longboardy. A little roll (uneven as it may be) on the bottom, to be surfed with a narrow stance. I hope it can noseride.

I glassed it super light so she wouldn’t have a problem carrying it. Im gonna ride it tomorrow, and im excited and nervous.

Hands down one of the coolest things ive ever done.

Thanks to brandon, scott for letting me use his shed, benny for answering all of my pm’s about everything, and everyone else!

im so pumped!

friggin’ HOT, man!!! i was wondering how that thing was coming along!

may your waves be glassy and your barrels deep…

~ b.

nice one poser!

That’s a lot to take on for a #1 - resin tint, designs, long parallel

shape… :slight_smile: Looks good, my friend. It’ll be the best gift you’ve ever



i rode it today. in waist high sort of low tide semi hollow punchy lined up waves. My first wave- i was sittin waiting for a set and a great one came through and there were 10 little kids in the contest on thrusters but they were too deep. my friend was on the shoulder telling me it was mine but i was hesitant cuz there were a bunch of peeps wanting it. it was a no paddle take off and i bottom turned, found the fin with my foot and cut back. then it lined up and i had a noseride. thats all iw anted, was for it to be able to noseride. the fact that i made a board, a completely imperfect surfboard, but noserides, really made my month. its sick!

stoked for you mate!


stoked for you mate!


(yes…i actually said “ditto”)

Stoked for you too,

Can I have your curtain, it would make a great deck inlay with matching fin(s)

Hey, good for you Bobby!

It’s a great feeling, making and riding your first board. Glad it worked out for you. I still ride the first board I made and I don’t love it any less, imperfections and all.

BTW- We’re camping out at Hobson’s Thurs-Sat this week. Drop by anytime for a session and/or bbq. Look for the Springdale trailer on the ocean side. (The offer goes to any Swaylockers that wanna stop by.)


my wife liked the brown resin that got trailed into the house on my dogs feet too!!

Gotta question:

Is the orange…resin, paint or laminates?

Just curious how you did the orange on brown if it’s resin?

Pretty good dude its definitely a first board though. I remember my first board…It was a figgin nightmare.

thanks everyone.

the brown footprints in scotts shed sure are stylish, thats for sure.


the circles are orange fabric. its all orange fabric i laminated on. My girlfriend asked for them.

by the way, my log by dennis is done and its pretty epic. I’ve never seen a board or ridden a board that is anything like this. You should give it a ride!

My girlfriend is visiting me from the east coast so i’m not sure that i’ll have a chance to stop in, but maybe. Thanks for the offer though.