Numero uno done... (pics)

Thanks for all your help these past couple of days. Number one is finally done and apparently ready for the end of the 30 year storm here in SoCal…

One last question - Krylon Clear to seal the hot coat (already sanded to 220)? Don’t have much desire to do a gloss coat… Do I need to do anything after sealing it? Sanding?



Final dims: 6’6" - 13 1/4" - 20" - 13 1/2" - 2 5/8" (the tail was supposed to be wider but I took too much off trueing up the outline - live 'n learn). Tried to keep the foil nice 'n thick through the midsection so it’ll float my fat a$$!

Looks really good, Jimmychuck. You should have a big ol smile on your face. If I do a Krylon finish I just spray it on and its done. Sometimes I use a couple of cans. Doesn’t look as good as gloss and is not as durable. Sure you don’t want to gloss it? Nice surfboard. Mike

Looks Great !!! sure doesn’t look like #1 … Made the same mistake with my tail. DR

Nice work!!!

Thanks Mike. The distance and light hide some of the ugliness around the lap line… no gloss for this one. #2 is gonna get some color and a gloss. Spray and done… that sounds nice 'n easy! Thanks.

Thanks DR. Scary how easy it is to start taking too much foam out eh? I’m still looking forward to seeing yours when you’re done glassing it. How’s the finger doing?

Thanks Rob.

Dude! Your’re sooo stoked. You are at that point of having built your first board but you have yet to ride it! Guess it’s time to get it out there… Looks super good esp. for a first board, man, you learned so much, can’t wait to see how good numero dos will come out! Congrats!

A good quick seal is acrylic floor wax, Krylon is even better, depends what you want. I just sand 'em and ride 'em. If I wanted to last long, I’d seal; longer still I’d gloss…

Thanks man! I’m suuuper stoked and it’s just a matter of the rain dying down and the water cleaning up a bit and then it’s water time! Given the extra couple of days until I can get it wet I’ll likely just Krylon it. The gloss coat isn’t worth the trouble on this board given the other minor issues it has. Numero dos is taking shape in my mind’s eye, though, and it’s looking pretty sweet!

Thanks for all your help, you and others helped answer a couple of questions mid-process which were very key.


NICE job, Santiago…you sure look stoked to me !!

…just wait till you catch your first wave on it ! [Nothing beats that feeling !]

What fin systems are those you used, by the way ?

do you have a few fins you can swap around ? …good idea !

good on ya mate ! 


Wooow… looks great, really nice!

Cheers Flavio

You can tell your happy with it :slight_smile: I’d be super stoked too if my first board looks like that, now go take it to the water and see if you can fit the grin on you face. Oh happy waves

Thanks Ben! I ended up putting Futures on it. I don’t have any other sets yet because this is my first board with that type of fins. I plan on ordering a couple other sets soon, though, so I can experiment a bit. They’re pretty cheap through Fiberglass Supply and I plan on using those on the next tri-fin I put together anyway…

Grazie Flavio! Sono contentisimo da come ha finito tutto. Solo manca provarlo nell’aqua! Ho letto il tuo ‘post’ anche qualque settimane fa e mi ha inspirato (?) a provar farlo anche (ma con un blank da Clark in vece da uno ‘fato a casa’!).




that’s a pretty nice foil for a first board. seems like most of us mistakingly keep way too much foam at the nose and tail of our first few shapes…(i know i did!)

i especially like your “number one” logo. was that inkjet printed or screenprinted? and did you design that?


Commendable first board Santiago, stoked for you.

Hey Flavio, I wish I had that outrageous skate bowl in my shed. Its unreal and almost unbelievable. Chips, you should check it out.

Santiago il tuo italiano è ottimo!

I agree with Kirk, overshaping is really easy, i couldn’t belive it before my first board, now i’m pretty much scared about it :slight_smile: and that’s good.

The “measure twice cut once” has become my credo.


Thanks Kirk. That was printed on my inkjet (Epson C86) onto rice paper - just some font work on the computer but I was happy with it… problem is that I think I’m gonna keep that one going for the next boards as trying to keep up the sequence numbering could get tricky after 9 boards!

Hey Jimmychuck, Where did you get the jig to cut out the futures ? Was it difficult to do ? FoamEZ wanted $279.00 for the future kit for installation. I bought the fcs but i’m waiting on the rain to hotcoat bottom and do my fins. Finger is taped and I wont know too much till next week when I see a orthopedic hand specialist. DR

Hey DR. Good luck with the finger! Sounded pretty painful.

I cut my own jigs for the futures. Traced the outline of the deep section onto some 3/4" plywood, drilled a hole with a 5/8" bit then used a jigsaw to cut out the template. Then I smoothed out the profile with some 40 grit and a file. Repeated the process for the larger, thinner, section of the box. For the large one I then glued two pieces of 3/4" plywood to the bottom so it would be thicker when sitting on the board and I could adjust the depth of the dremel tool (with a ‘guide’ accessory’) to the 2mm depth needed. It’s a little rough but it works. I’ll probably go back and build another set of jigs with a little more care for the quality…

I borrowed a router from my brother in law but it was too bulky to handle easily so I ended up using a dremel tool with a cutting bit. Takes a little longer since the bit is small but I wasn’t in that big a hurry. I did end up using his router for the center box to cut the stringer but it was messy. I’ll try another route (pun intended?) next time.

If you want the actual futures install kit try Fiberglass Supply ( they have the kit for $180 (the basic production jig). It’s on this page:

They also sell the futures fin sets pretty cheap. I paid a buttload at Mitch’s for them… not gonna do that again…