NY Shapers


A friend who lives in the 718 just got back from his honeymoon in CR and has

apparently brought back some disease known as gottasurfitis.

Any backyarders in that general area willing to help out?

He’s looking for guidance on recommended devices and possibly a new or

used board to get started on.

I can give him some basic advice but I’m not really familiar with the

local conditions.

Thanks in advance!

Go to www.essencesurf.com located in Tottawa NJ not far from New York, Talk to Gene he will help him anyway he can

Not to take anything away from Gene who does good work too, but more locally he can also try going to Mollusk Surf Shop in Brooklyn and ask for the Grey Ghost (Joe Falcone), a Brooklyn shaper. http://throughtheeyesofaghost.blogspot.com/ Better yet, tell him to go to the NY Fish Fry on Saturday. http://newyorkfishfry.blogspot.com/

Thanks a ton guys.