NYC: seeking L.I. shaper for custom quad

After buying up and experimenting with a variety of used boards, I’m excited that at last I know what I’m after and am ready to drop cash on a new acquisition - my first in several years.  I’m after a quad swallow tail fish with some particular custom design features.  Can anyone recommend a shaper in the area (say, Long Island) who does amazing custom work with this shape?



Although not in your immediate area, Brian Wynn at Wynn surfboards in South Jersey  comes to mind he builds some of the best boards out there. A quad swallow is right up his alley. Tell him Jbird sent you . good luck

You want killer color work on that custom? Tom Mahady makes really nice boards for all conditions on the East Coast. His shop is located not to far from Long Island [Mahady’s in Wall, NJ]

Customs are reasonably priced and he gets them done fast.

He constantly posts his latest shapes on his blog:

He’s a good guy and very dedicated to making the best boards for his customers.

Oh yeah his website is and phone # 908.415.4630

Tom buys supplies from us regularly so he must be busy makin’ a lot of boards for guys…




Your people sound great, but it’s a little hard for me to make it down to NJ.  Think I’m gonna try to get a lift this week to Nature’s Shapes on L.I., who I’ve been hearing good things about. OK, I’m off to the basement to put some of the Greenlight supplies I ordered to work patching up my log. (thanks, B!)


There are a few guys here on LI that do custom shapes.  take a look at  the Bunger family has been shaping on I since the '60's  A very reputable shaper

and is very good as well. there are some others but these are three main guys in central LI that are all very good.

Also check out  beginer kit if you know what you want.  They have a ton of templates and info about boards.

 I am about halfway through my first board and am super excited to finish it up.  They are really helpful with anyquestions and guide you the whole way. 

Good Luck

Thanks, Chris.  I put in an order with Mike at Nature’s Shapes.  It should be ready soon.  I’m so stoked to pick it up and get it in the water!  Greenlight is a great resource too…I picked up a bunch of repair supplies from them.  Good luck with the board, be sure and post some pics!

Glad to hear you got what you need. For future reference Rick Malwitz is in NYC. He is a Sway’s member. and does excellent work… including quads swallows.

Shape your own. It is a very affordable option for a custom shape.