NZ native timbers and glassing questions macrocarpa HWS

hey guys I pretty sure a few of you guys have used macrocarpa on compsands etc. my question is did you have any isusses with glassing it or any other NZ native timbers . I am looking into starting a macrocarpa/paulownia mix HWS and never glassed over it so wanted to ask before i got into it

I think paul you did a totara skin board a while back .I guess if you guys are keen to post pics of NZ native timber used in you boards that would be great I trying to mix it up and use more native timber in my boards


cheers antony

Just completed a macrocarpa compsand. No problems so far. Has a nice grain and colour. Not a native though is it? I’ve heard it called Monterey Cypruss as well…

you right karl you got me it not nz native I should read my posts better before posting.

cool board by the way, I really like the shape


Just stuck a round tail on a fish. Lost some rocker when it came out of the bag so it’s pretty fast, but breaks track much better than a big split fish tail.



 it looks nice, will you be bringing it down for waitangi?

Yep. Its my go to board at the moment.