Oahu in April

Dear all swaylockers,

I’m an intermediate surfer (top turns, bottom turns, roundhouses, cutbacks, the occasional floater), nothing amazing, and Im looking to go to oahu in April. What will the surf be like on the North shore in April. Ive surfed in Indo, and South Africa, and Want to visit the North shore without all the crowds. Will there be any good surf? Does Pipe ever work in April?


Much Love

It’ll be a crap shoot … could get great waves could be skunked.  Depends on the year.  Early April will certainly be better for sure.  West swells (Pipeline) do happen in spring but Pipe is a fickle place so …


The current month is a members only thing but you don’t have to register to see the session archives I have going back to 1997.  ‘out of the mainstream spot’ names are changed or unnamed but you can get an idea of what a bunch of us average locals get at any time of the year through session reports and photos in the ‘Surf Check Archives’ at my forum here: 808surfer.com Forum

No disrespect intended but when Pipe is working it will be crowded I would not recommend an intermediate surfer going out



Fair enough, I will not take any offence. Thank you for the input. I do think I could take off at Pipe though, I have surfed a lot of good waves around the world

Much love

Trust me, these days whether or not you have the skill is only a small part of the game at Pipe when it’s on.