Been really impressed by the boards Wayne is putting out at Oakfoils, HP to clasics and everything in between,

Interesting design/build process.  Free hand cuts out the rocker he wants, then runs the cutting bit of the shaping machine he hand built himself over the template to ‘memorize’ it for the shape cut.  ‘New’ designs are combo machine/hand shaped, then scanned upon completion to lock in the customers shape for future replication or tweaking.

Aside from a one day business trip to LA back in 2001, haven’t been to Southern Cal in 30 years.  When I do, the Oakfoils shop is on the list.

Anyone aboard here familiar with Wayne and his boards?

Not real familiar, but there was a thread on surfermag’s erbb with lots of awesome pics. Several fans over there.  Great looking boards, I hadn’t heard anything about his methods. http://oakfoils.blogspot.com/

Wayne makes nice boards.

One of the few machine owners I respect.