Obama Rocks!

It’s just another President. We’ve had a lot of them. It’s not the second coming. And the televised event was an inaguration, not a coronation. For all the noise, you’d think the Almighty dropped by, but no.

Stay tuned… after 100 days we’ll re-evaluate all this, perhaps differently.

It's just another President. We've had a lot of them. It's not the second coming. And the televised event was an inaguration, not a coronation. For all the noise, you'd think the Almighty dropped by, but no.

Stay tuned… after 100 days we’ll re-evaluate all this, perhaps differently.

we’ll stay tuned… you betcha…


I just received my limited edition Obama inaugural commemorative ashtray keepsake.

You are absolutely right…and he is just a man.

But our country put it’s first black president in office.

It is a first, and it’s importance actually says more about the country than the man.

It’s significance would be similar to Hawaiians choosing a haole to be King back in the day.

There has been a shift in the mindset of the majority.

It’s not perfect…neither will he be…but it’s a start.

I hope he does well…He has a gigantic mess to try and fix…and a massive burden to bear.

Just my 1.874 cents


Coulda been worse. Coulda been

But he’s not black…he’s half black and half white. One is not dominate over the other…

Point taken…thenk you for the correction…

but you get my meaning.

In this country…THAT"S HUGE!

Pure Hollywood - this guy will better than the last guy (can’t get much worse), but US foriegn policy will still be captive to America’s collosal military industrial complex so the bodies of innocents will continue to pile up.

Hey pinhead, im not very political, but can you imagine an aboriginal prime minister for australia??. That would be f*cking huge news here. Probably more so, because they would be an indigenous person, ie, from a people who were here before all of us. Very interesting. Probably not likely though (as yet ), but hopefully an inspiration for our indigenous people to strive for.

That’s about as political as i get, so im going out to put the twin keel in the toyota, ready for an early surf tomorrow.


WOW, just read some interesting comments on a US homebrewing website. Someone mentioned he wsn’t totally convinced Obama wasn’t “one of them”, which i think was referring to muslims. And also some paranoia about taking their guns away.

Strange days indeed

the guys that simply do not believe

in any thing on a conceptual level

not santa ,not E.bunny,tooth fairy,

romantic love,or in this case

the unmeasurable faith in a chosen

leader simply lock out the hope

from springing eternal.

leave room for the easter bunny

you might get candy or a soft baby chick

or a tall scandanavian woman’s

unconditional love.

woody guthrie wrote it.

and sang it…

It makes a warm fuzzy availiable

when yur tank is empty

and you need to run on somthin

renewable,from springs eternal


sound bites

just keep on replaying

on the backround t.v.noise

I’m in the middle politically speaking but Obama’s first executive order can’t be good:

“Obama to Close Guantanamo and Foreign Prisons”

What’s going to happen to the 245 enemy combatants? Let them go so they can re-enter the battlefield? Put them on US soil? (not a good idea). Try them in a civilian court, giving them the same rights as a US citizen?? Not good folks. Obama is soft on terrorism, as we all know and he was voted in so…it gives me the heebee’s.

The ab-original president would be the equivalent to if we elected a Native Amercian in the states versus a melotto (sp?)…meaning half and half. But as Barrack himself pointed out, if you have 1/100th black blood in you, people consider you a black! Hmmm, interesting point.

As far as the Inauguration event, there are a few aspects to it that I personally noted. Yes, it had some star power hopefuls there; Bono, Garth Brooks, Forest Whitaker, Ashley Judd, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger among them. But it was a well balanced presentation between pomp and circumstance while still appealing to the youthful citizens that will inherit this country.

At 12 noon, Obama automatically became the president, even though the oath had not been recited yet. Which incidentally, Roberts, the Supreme Court Judge swearing him in, bungled the words that Barrack was to recite after him. Barrack was trying to suppress a laugh as he was taking oath…which consists of only 35 words.

The minute following the oath being taken, 60 newly appointed employees of Obama’s new administration now had legal access and left the ‘party’ to go immediately to work. This was happening as Barrack set a new precedent that no other president in history has performed; that of personally escorting the outgoing President Bush, and the First Lady to his departing helicopter. Accompanying them was the Vice President in a wheelchair (injured his back) and his wife.

Bush and Cheney received some booing from the crowd, which is a pretty classless, but expressive thing for the American public to choose to engage in. I don’t think this action would have been tolerated in ‘modern’ China.

By no stretch of the imagination is Barrack under the impression that he is a panacea for the grave economic predicament the United States is experiencing as part of the soft worldwide economy. But I will give him credit for assembling a smart, experienced, balanced team of advisors that include both supporters and detractors of his political philosophy. In other words, he didn’t hire all YES men and women.

From my contacts in Euope, I have been told many of them are ecstatic that President Bush is gone. They are very hopeful and approving of Obama at this point in time. It hasn’t hurt the world view of Americans that we voted in a black president who was raised by parents who have dedicated their lives to helping people of third world countries. Obama has a wordliness about him, a big picture aura, so to speak.

Will this piece of history be remembered? Let’s hope so, how many people remember that New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote?

So now Europe likes us better? How does that help us? BTW, you may want to check but Obama’s dad never cared at all about anyone but himself.

sorry. i changed my mind about contributing to this thread.


It would be naiive to think that the United States doesn’t need allies in this world to achieve pretty much anything.

In the case of closing Guatanamo, this decision is probably more of a political gesture to gain increased world favor from many parts of the world, including, and especially, the Arab countries. Barrack may very well be vehemently opposed to what that prison represents, but he will certainly have to have a responsible alternative in dealing with dissidents and criminals. There are no easy answers, but if our political system and its ideology is real, we have to follow principles set forth in our constitution, or change it lest we choose to live in hyprocrisy. It can always be argued that much hyprocrisy exists today, but ultimately freedom demands responsiblity, and I hardly think that our new president will endanger the American people in his ultimate decision.

I have heard quite a few different views from my fellow Americans over the course of this election. As I have done so, it becomes very apparent regarding those who travel and those that do not. I don’t want to make a sweeping generalization, but some of the folks that have never left this country seem to feel we can be isolationists and withdraw from the world at large. I don’t think that is realistic.

Having Europe has bene important to the United States both economically and for domestic security. Without active cooperative interaction with Europe, and many other parts of the globe, we would severely put ourselves in jeopardy both economically and homeland security. During the threshold of our economic meltdown, there were billions of dollars being pumped into the American system from Europe, China, Japan and other countries to avoid a failure. Money was being shifted rapidly all over the world shoring up important key economies that might fail.

This is the strengths and vulnerabilities of a global economy.

We are now all interdependent upon each other.

As far as terrorism, what do ‘they’ stand for? If we gave them the floor, what could ‘they’ say of establsih?

There is nothing ‘they’ have to offer.

If you gave a ‘voice’ to the terrorists, what would we expect to hear that had any substance?

The willingness of hopeful people to roll up their sleeves and work alongside each other is what makes this world a curious and worthwhile place. Collective conciousness is a powerful and inexplicable force.

Europeans, having acess to media that is not American-egocentric, often have world-views more nuanced than TYPICAL Americans. We need their perspective as well as their cooperation if we expect to have any chance to dig ourselves out of the hole we have gotten ourselves into. The previous administration was not the first to be willfully ignorant of world opinion, but they WERE the WORST. If those who seek to obstruct any chance of progress due to knee-jerk right-wing paranoia would just step aside for awhile, perhaps some of the HOPE a lot of us are feeling can be transmuted into reality.


So now Europe likes us better? How does that help us? BTW, you may want to check but Obama’s dad never cared at all about anyone but himself.

What the F**K does Obama’s absent father have to do with any of this??? Are the sins of the father truly visited upon the progeny, even if their influence was little more than genetic?