Observe surfboard shaping in NY/NJ Area?

Hey Guys.

I just made a thread last night about building my first surfboard.

I just thought id ask if theres anyone around NYC/NJ that would be willing to let me observe them so i can even better prep myself.

I can pay or bring some beer over…



there are videos…

Thats what i have been doing, watching all the videos available.

Just thought id throw it up there.

did you see the recent ben aipa video?

there are also longer instructional shaping videos that you can purchase - I haven’t seen them, but some here have recommended them to new shapers with questions

I think some of the basic rules for new shapers are take your time, remember that you can always take a little more off, but you can’t add a little more back on, observe your board in oblique light, post pics and put on your thick skin suit, LOL

The best advice I can contribute is…

watch your fingers.

Planers are dangerous.

Had a kid come in a couple years ago with the tip of his finger missing.

Looks easy on video.

So slow. Pay attention.

“watch your fingers”

I cut the tip off one of mine when I was just learning. They cut so clean it does not even hurt at first.

KEEP BOTH HANDS ON THE PLANER AT ALL TIMES WHEN CUTTING. I see these guys with those ironing board style planers using one hand to hold it I walk away.

Get some old foam striped down board second or reject blank. Make some STURDY racks get a good low angle block plane, Some different grit sandpaper I use rasps and files a lot and scrap cut sand hit beat the “blank” till you get a feel for the foam. Make it ugly make a mess make mistakes than do it again. You will get a feel for how the foam works and what tool does what. A cheap planer for removing the crust and setting some rails will come next when you are ready,

Where are you located?

Staten Island NY

and i will be sure to keep the digits safe

You could try Green Light in Manasquan, or there is another guy in Totowa that gives lessons.  I can’t recall his mane at the moment, but if you google surfboard building in NJ it may pop up.

In Totowa it’s Essence Surf. From Staten Island it’s probably about equidistant between going to Manasquan and Totowa. Both places could help you out.

Hi Polskifil-

Check out Bunger in Babylon NY out on Long Island.  Tommy’s an awesome dude and has his factory is very close to their shop.  It’s family run and has been around since the very early Sixities.  There no substitution for watching shaping live!

Good luck-