Ocean Surfboards Maryland

Anyone have any info on OCEAN SURFBOARDS golf links rd and ocean ave Ocean City Maryland? Any info or leads Greatly appreciated! 

Have one of these bought here in Australia off ebay. Was originally painted grey, sanded back and discovered it was an Oceans tripple stringer. Was butchered, nose trimmed and tail trimmed to form pintail.  More info appreciated.

Well, I just happen to live in Ocean City, Maryland; however, the roads that you name in your post, I’m afraid, do not exist. The closest that I can see would be the corner of Golf Course Rd. and Ocean Gateway. On that corner there are only two banks, And two gas stations. Around tgat intersection there is a mobile home park, bus station, a shopping center. a motel and some condos. Not much else. Are you sure that you have the street names right? Now if this was a shaper that was in the area years ago, that could be. Things have changed quite a bit here in the past 25 years. And honestly, it is not a brand that I am familiar with 

I’m on my out to the water now. I’lll ask some friends, see what they know, or remember.