off white epoxy lam fix?

ive read about this a bit with mixed resposes, its only my second clear board i have done the other being my very first board which did the same and was off white from the start. Im not sure what is doing it i have done everything by the book/ video but the board i have just laminated has done the same which is a 9’6 so no small board. i put the first board doing it down to inexperiance and a number of mistakes however i thought i had this one prity good. I was wondering about puting a small amout of white pigment into the resin to help it out but as it is stringerless and has a 100mm carbon cap down the center i didnt realy want it to go white.

so soulutions??

if i add a small amount of white to the fill coat will that help or just look worse 

i read about adding a small amount of blue is that worh a shot or only if it was in the lam?

go for a crazy coulour and see what happns?


cany anyone give me any sugestions on how i could turn this around a little? 


its not as bad as the pic looks but its not pure white by any means.


many thanks charlie

You won’t get even or uniform color unless it’s laminated in the cloth.  Colored hotcoats / glosscoats are basically painted on, you don’t really sand them and it is very difficult to get them uniform over a large area.  You can spray eps after sealing, but don’t get it soaked.  Most production eps boards here are either painted blanks or opaque pigmented due to the blank color and/or sealing.  To fix what you have, the options are pretty limited.  You can lam it again with a color single 4oz layer both sides, mask off the CF strip and cut the lam there, then lay a strip of clear over.  Or, you can fill coat, sand, then paint it with a two-part urethane like the imports.  Unfortunately, it will get scratched up pretty easily and then look like an import.

cheers many thanks pete i think if thats the case ill probably just leave it it was alredy a hevey lam so dont realy want to add anymore maybe ill come up with some graphics or something when its sanded and before the clear and next time i will try spaying the spakled bank. many thanks