O'fishl fin removal

What’s the process for removing o’fishl fins? I you tubed it and the fin tabs were different than mine. My fins have two metal pins on each end of the tab. The fiberglass tab has been cut at an angle to make a compression lever I"m assuming. Wondering if anyone knows the technique. Mike

So sorry,
I don’t really know…
But maybe a medium ballpeen!!!


Thanks Matt! Maybe I’ll go after it with my roofer’s hammer! Mike

Mike, two metal pins? never seen that. But I used Ofishls for a long time. The trick is to hit is with a rubber mallet from the back of the tip of the fin. A little pennetrating oil might help.

all the best

Will this hammer work, Matt?

Hi Greg. Yes, 2 pins you may be able to see from my photo. Yes, your method works, too. I used a rag and the palm of my hand. Knock it up into the front notch, lever the leading edge up, slide the rear up and pull it out. Pretty easy and am feeling kind of dumb that I didn’t sort it out first. I actually like the system. No metal screws into plastic, no side to side wiggle like I get with some Futures fins. No gaps between fin bottom and board like lockbox. Nice solid feel. Wonder why they did not make it? Mike

Afaik…Those aren’t ofishl fins. The ones with the angled slot in the bottom and 2 pins.

No? Any idea what they may be, Keith? Genuine O’Fakels? The two white fins near the top of the photo have the o’fishl tabs I saw in the video. Mike

I think those are “free style” fins, a pain in the but for me to remove. You have to have a screwdriver in there while you hit the fin ( prefapherably with a rubber mallet) from the back.
Good luck

SD. You’re right. I took a closer look at a couple of the fins. Said free style. The board was traded to me about 20 years ago. My buddy, who died from cancer the night before Easter, told me they were o’fishl fins and I never bothered to take a close look. He asked me before he died to help his wife take care of his surfboards and other things. I’ve organized his large fin collection and will be finning his boards so they can be sold or whatever his widow decides. He has a lot of boards. Mike

Oh, thank you SD Repairman. Mike

yeah man freestyle finsystem
rubber hammer from the $1.99 tool bin
at the hardware store
so tap it from the back.
straight forward
adjusteble in the situation of no tools
bottom flex tab catches on ridges in bottom of box.
used em on wave sailing boatds 1984…
white canoe wave
out and over to the north…

Hi Ambrose. Thanks for checking in. I may have several sets. If I do I will probable cut the bottoms off and use them for glass ons. mike

White Canoe Wave… still in search of. Mike