O'fish'l under laminate single fin box

I have a question about an o’fish’l single box that gets laminated under the glass.  I am a rookie with a new install and with epoxy ( I have a lot of experience with ding repair and PE resin).  I made a template that is a very snug fit and have been practicing in scrap foam.  I am installing it in 1.5# eps.  I have 2 main questions.

1.) how close tolerance should my template allow for.  ie. should it be very very snug,  1/16th" gap around the box or somewhere in between?  my assumption is that is should be as snug a possible with glass only on the bottom of the box and the laminate over the top makes it a strong install.

2.) how far below the level of the foam should the laminating surface of the box be?  or should it be level.  If I used cloth on the bottom of the box hole should I plan on getting that rim level with foam?


thanks for anybodies help with this?


Practice is a good thing.  and you learn that freehand routing a hole for a fin box won't work.  i made a template with scrap 1/8th masonite.  and had the router bit sit short in the router so that I could use the template without the bit cutting into it.  then i mixed 3 oz of epoxy well, put a layer of 4oz cloth in the bottom of the hole, poured the resin, set the box and now I wait and hope my first fin box install works out.