What is the best way to install this type of fin? Is there a special jig that is needed? Can I jerry rig one to make them work? Thanks for the help Mark

We use a lot of o’fish’l boxes. It is possible to make a jig but the one they provide is quite nice. I suggest that it’s worth the investment.

…The OfishL jigs are versatile too!I use them to install my RED-X boxes as well,w/o any problems.Herb

Hey Herb is it too late to put the box’s in after you have glassed and hot coated the board?

…No,you can put them in just like regular boxes. …Here’s a tip I learned from Mel,if you are putting in the boxes on top of the glass, rather than before lamination:sink the ofishl boxes down about 1/16"-1/8" below the surface of the glassjob,and put a patch over the box when glueing them in.Also make sure you fill them in with enough resin to top off the recessed box/hole back up to level.This way the fins will seat properly in the box when the board’s finished,and you will have a strong bond.Herb

Thanks Herb Mark